Brilliant Branding – 5 Innovative Ways to Boost Your Company’s Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or your company is just getting off the ground, boosting your brand awareness is vital. You want your current and future customers to think of you whenever they do anything related to your line of work. No company is too old or too new to benefit from brand awareness, so we’ve included five innovative ways to change your approach to your audience.

Promotional Products

Have you ever walked down the street and noticed the man walking past you wearing a hat emblazoned with a building company’s logo?  You take note of it, and that very name pops into your head the next time you require building services. That’s brand awareness, and promotional products lead the way for getting your brand noticed. Not only are they a kind gesture for your current valued clients, but they’re a source of walking, talking advertising that will have more people knowing your name, and eventually, using your services.

Referral Offers

If your company is in the early stages of life and you’re looking for that growth every business desires, referrals can help substantially. However, there has to be something in it for the customer. Some banks offer monetary gifts if you refer a friend to them, Dropbox offers storage upgrades, and some gyms even have incentives for bringing your friends along with you. Before long, you’ve built a customer base that trusts your brand through association with friends and family.

Social Media Competitions

Big brands are leading the way on social media, and as a result, many enjoy sensational user engagement figures. Many of these companies started to grow their customer base through social media competitions. The more followers you have, the more people you can reach. Therefore, there’s no time like the present to get your company on social media and reinforce your presence with a competition that gets potential customers engaging. The best part is, they benefit as much as you do by being in the running to win a prize!

Be Unique

Dr. Seuss said, “you have to be unique to be number one.” Being unique in business is what sets you apart from competitors that may offer the same products and services as you. If you want your name to be on the tip of people’s tongues, you have to give them a reason for it to be so. Choose different marketing strategies, post funny videos on social media, choose unique signage that stands out, and ensure your customer service is second-to-none.

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising is effective, simple and affordable at gaining valuable exposure for your brand and visitors to your website. By using the right keywords, your business name could be at the top of Google search results, increasing the likelihood of your customers not only clicking on your company website but remembering your name. There are numerous benefits associated with using PPC advertising. The most powerful of these is the unparalleled control that it offers over your marketing budget. You can set your spending limit and only get charged each time someone clicks on your ad. The results are in real time, and unlike newspaper advertising, you’re able to see how many people are paying attention to your advert.

Brand awareness is not a gimmick; it’s a sure-fire way of getting people to know who you are and what you offer. Try the suggestions above, and you’re sure to notice the difference not only to your bottom line but to how well people connect with your brand. The goal is to have them thinking of you when they need what you’re offering.