Word of Mouth in a High Tech World

smartphone technology

“Aargh! It’s all going too fast! I just can’t keep up!”  …If this is you when you read the technology and business news and think about the future of your own business, then don’t fret as it’s not quite as scary as you might think…

Certainly, it’s true that the world is moving along at a cracking pace, and the technology is sometimes absolutely mind-boggling. There’s no doubt that the average man or woman today is not able to get a grasp of the technology that we rely on for our everyday needs in the same way that someone of a couple of centuries ago would.

Indeed trying to understand the workings of a smartphone if you don’t have a grounding in electronics engineering is a mammoth task, and by the time you’ve got hold of the basics, there will probably be some new development to get to grips with anyway! However, when it comes to business, there’s something to reassure even the technophobes out there.

This is a simple fact that whatever technology comes along, no matter how radical, fundamentally we’re still all human beings and we work the same way we have done since the beginning: we follow each other’s examples and learn from each other’s lessons. That is to say, the importance of a recommendation is as important as it ever was- it’s just that it now takes a different form.

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Look at the booming world of online casinos. There are so many out there that it can be difficult as a player to choose which to go with and difficult from the business side of things, to stand out from the competition.

However, there are services now that provide reviews and recommendations in response to this immense scale of operations. It’s these recommendations and little pointers that we still rely on, so that say, Uptown Aces Casino, ends up being a name that you become aware of and go back to time and again, rather than that of an inferior competitor.

A similar story can be told of the blossoming sphere of YouTube. In the UK at the moment there’s a growing core of young people making staggering amounts of money through simply vlogging and creating light entertainment, the quality of which often seems disproportionate to the impressive remuneration they receive. The key to it all though is that these people are “influencers”. A vlogger such as Zoella has over twelve-million subscribers, which means that companies would do almost anything to have her recommend their product, or even mention it in passing. Thus, even though the technology is relatively new (and the word “vlogger” is one that some still don’t even know the meaning of yet), the age-old psychological mechanism of personal recommendation still governs our behaviour.

To come back to the passionate entrepreneur then, this means that networking is as important as it ever was so there’s no need to panic; it’s just that now it takes a digital form: tweeting on Twitter, sharing posts on Facebook and getting your company seen on LinkedIn.