Two event ideas to bring you staff closer

Sometimes it can be great to do team bonding events. When you have a small or even medium-sized business your staff are your greatest resource and thus you need to get them onside, you need to keep them happy and you have to ensure that they feel as if you care about them. Therefore having a bonding night or a special trip can remind them that you think about them and are considerate of their needs.

You have to be careful though, not to plan something which sounds really fun to you as the boss but might sound terrible to your staff. An important part of being the boss is considering the feelings of others in your team, realizing that your ideas are only one of many and leading the team rather than dictating to them. This means that if you are going to have an event it needs to be well thought out, discussed and fit the tone of everyone on your team. If you are a super small business of five employees or less it can be a very relaxed drink but for a medium-sized company holding a whole event for your 50 or more employees can be really fun and can bring everyone together.

There are obviously loads of options out there but there are two which standout and usually are barnstormers that are loved by everyone on the team. They are fun, relaxed and will hopefully boost productivity in the long term with a happier and more motivated staff.

A Casino Night

These are always very fun and can be very easy to set up. You can have one in your office or actually go out to a casino. If you want to ensure that people don’t worry about losing money you can always, especially if you want to endear yourself to your workers, give them free chips to start and donate winnings to a charity or into a collective Christmas party fund. If you are going to host your own night then make sure to follow the kind of instructions and tips you get from websites like platinum play casino who are experts in all things casino. With their range of games and tables, you can get a great idea of how to deliver top quality casino games and how to win at them if you want to impress your staff.

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An escape the room challenge

These are becoming more and more popular with people and companies, as ways of challenging and testing their staff and this can work really well for smaller groups as well as larger ones. You are locked in a room and have to complete a series of challenges to get out, i.e. to escape the room. Like any puzzle game, they are always exciting and interesting and allow people to work together to solve something. The feeling when you complete the challenge is amazing and something which absolutely brings people closer together. There are all different themes as well from nuclear war to zombie attack to getting out of a temple meaning you will always find something fun for you and your staff to play.

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