Are You Using the Best Method of Communication for Your Business?

Good communication is the very basis of business relationships and is tightly connected to conveying information in the most efficient manner possible. Bad communication can lead to misunderstandings, not being informed soon enough, conflicts, and other issues you’re better off avoiding. So what can you do to secure a better standard of communication in your workplace?

It all starts with a well-planned meeting

Meetings are often a synonym for wasting time, and that’s certainly not something you’d want to be associated with. To address these issues, some business owners have started to reduce the number of formalities and small talk when it comes to how the meetings are structured. Someone should be tasked with taking notes, so those who were unable to attend can receive them later through an email or another in-house communication system.

Company task delegation solutions improve productivity

If you aren’t already using a task delegation system like Asana or any of its popular alternatives, you are probably not communicating what needs to be done in an efficient manner. Even a standard Excel spreadsheet will do, but you need to have some kind of system in place. Most of them tend to support internal chatting, and it’s nice to get an overview of who needs to take care of what by glancing at the global company schedule.

Email is great for file sharing but is getting a bit dated

In the past, conversations between employees and managers were typically held through e-mails. Even now, that method of communication is still in use by a lot of companies worldwide, and it’s still very useful when it comes to searching through archives and sending files. However, as time goes on, new solutions are hitting the market, and if this is your primary communication channel, now might be the right time to give it an overhaul.

Do your employees need to respond in real-time?

Standard means of communication are usually fine if you’re not running the type of business that revolves around responding immediately. But other businesses like taxi drivers, delivery men, service personnel, and even doctors and medical staff, need a solution that allows for instant customized notifications.

Important emails can quickly get lost in a sea of regular ones, but if someone calls us on our cellphone or sends an SMS, chances are it concerns us directly and is rather urgent in nature – therefore, we pay more attention to it more. This point is strengthened by the fact that we always have our cellphones nearby. Luckily, there are SMS API messaging solutions that support programmable scripting, so you can send a  mass text to employees when a predetermined event happens and even connect it with your company’s task scheduling solution.


In modern times, there are plenty of options when it comes to workplace communication, so you have all the freedom in the world to choose what’s best suited for the needs of your company. You can also implement more methods than one, then use the most efficient one depending on what each specific situation calls for. Have you already laid out your perfect workplace communication strategy?