6 Action Steps to Succeed With Everything That You Start

In most short words, success is the achievement of your goals about some action steps that you take in your business. Everyone wants to be successful. However, life is sometimes unpredictable. In many cases, when we want to succeed, it is the opposite. We fail.

How many times did you make a wrong decision? How many times did you take the wrong action steps? Or, how often have you done everything you think you need to do, and again you have failed?

This is our reality. But, it doesn’t mean that this is the end of the world for you as an entrepreneur. With every failure, you become a stronger and better entrepreneur.

Here, I want to present six easy steps that you need to take if you want to succeed with everything you start doing as an entrepreneur.

1. Make Clear Definition What Will be the Success for You

What is the success for you? What determines the success for you and your small business?

I have seen many entrepreneurs start specific projects without a clear definition of the success of that project. In such a situation, all their projects are successful because they can’t make a cost-benefit analysis when it comes to success.

If it is more sales, write down how much sales you want to generate if you want to be successful. If it is more your personal time, write down how much time you want for yourself and your family. Also, if it is a combination of something else, write down on a piece of paper what it is for you and what you need to achieve to become successful.

If you know what success is for you before you start with action steps toward that success, you will have a clear map that will lead you to the victory you want to achieve.

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2. Define Measures for Success

How will you know that you succeed in something if you don’t have clear measures to tell you about your progress?

The measures you will set up will be key performance indicators (KPIs) you will need to follow when you work to achieve your success. They will bring you adequate feedback for the following action steps you will need to take if you want to get what you want.

When you work on your KPIs, start developing first the Critical Success Factors (CSFs). These are factors that are critical for achieving the success you have defined in the previous step.

Don’t confuse key performance indicators (KPIs) with critical success factors (CSFs). They are different even they are connected in a specific way. The most significant difference between a CSF and a KPI is that the first one gives us the reason for success. Or simply said, what you will need to do to achieve success. On the other side, KPIs indicate the level of success or how close you are to achieve the defined success. So, you can KPIs to measure and monitor the achievement based on a specific timeframe in a specific measure unit. In such a way, you will determine the level of success of your actions in that specific timeframe that presents CSF.

Make clear measures that will mean success for you.

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3. Define the Route That Will Bring You to the Success

How can you reach success if you don’t know what to do to achieve that success? You already have defined your CSFs, so you know what is critical for your success in a broad term. For example, if your goal in achieving success is to increase the profitability of your company by X%, you will have CSFs and KPIs something like this:

  • CSF 1Increase marketing efforts to sell more to current customers and bring more new customers inside your sale funnel.
    • KPI 1 – Increase conversion rate of each your marketing weapon
      • Number of customers generated by $ spend
  • CSF 2 – Increase conversion rates inside your sale funnel.
  • CSF 3Decrease operating costs.

When you develop such a structured flow of your CSFs and KPIs, you can easily define all the important action steps you need to take.

You must write each action step that will lead you to achievements and measure already defined KPIs to check how close you are to succeed. For each action step, you must delegate responsibility and make milestones. In such a way, you will have a clear map that will lead your business to success.

4. Measure Your Progress

The fourth step to your success is to measure your progress.

You have defined the right measures in the form of key performance indicators in step two, and now you can make correlations of your actual achievements. It is essential to measure your KPIs to find how you are moving in the right direction according to your plan.

5. Look Behind You for Possible Improvements to Improve Your Future Action Steps

You must always look behind you and what you have already done to find possible improvements.

For everything that was perfect, think about how you can improve it. For everything that was wrong, think about how to change it to become perfect. This is a process of continuous improvement.

action steps to success

6. Always Celebrate Success is the Last Action Step

Probably, the success did not come only because of you. There are members of your business team that will help you to make progress toward success. To make them more motivated to accomplish their action steps that will lead to the success of each project, celebrate whenever you achieve some of the goals.

This is an easy and simple step of the process, but most times, it is ignored.