Tips to Include Flyers in a Marketing Strategy


In these digital times, the way companies communicate with their audience has changed a lot. A large part of the marketing budget is now spent on digital tools like email newsletters and social media. However, traditional offline marketing tools like flyers remain very effective and relevant. We would like to share why flyers are an ideal communication tool that enterprises should definitely include in their strategy.

A flyer is a tool that is easy to design and create and it is one of the most ordered products from printing companies. It is considered an old-school communication medium, which is still very much appreciated by both business owners and receivers.

You can get your customized flyers tailor-made and printed at an online printer like Helloprint. Available at a low unit cost, it can be used in campaigns to reach a large number of people. This way you can target a wider offline audience and not just (potential) clients who own and use a smart device or computer.

How to successfully use flyers as your marketing weapon?

Flyers are effective for promoting a company event and presenting your business and its services and products. There are a lot of online printers that let you easily design your own flyer, using, for example, the corporate brand style. There are also a lot of online templates that can help you design different marketing materials as well. For just about any topic that you can imagine there are templates for you to get a head start on your creative process. Even nonprofits and charities can benefit from this by accessing some of the flyer templates for fundraising. Flyers offer enough space to communicate a lot of information without seeming overloaded, so let your mind run free and write creative texts on it.

You can also choose the colors you like to use, from pastel colors to fluorescent bright shades, and of course, you can mix fonts for the different messages you want to communicate. Flyers give a professional image to a company and make sure that people remember your company name.

Use them for a lasting impression

Digital communication tools seem easy to use, but they don´t leave a lasting impression as a flyer does. They are easy to give away, for example during (network) events or to spread door-to-door. It is a tool that can be taken home or to the office to look up the company information at a later moment. For this reason, don´t forget to indicate the company details like a website, a contact person, an email address and a phone number on the flyer.

A well-designed flyer will possibly not only reach the person to whom it is given. The receiver can show it to their acquaintances or other business contacts, which then will also have seen your company name. The flyer can be shared exponentially without a company having to do anything.

You can also use the ultimate guide to flyer design by Canva to help you to design them to grab customers’ attention, deliver the messaging, and get the results.

So whether you are a small, medium, or large company, flyers are a practical solution to communicate with a wide audience. It is a cheaper medium than many digital tools and can be printed in large numbers. Also, it is a communication tool that is appreciated by all generations. Use flyers to leave a lasting memory with (potential) clients!