5 Key Ways to Grow Your New Start-up

grow business

Making the decision to go into business for yourself and getting through the opening day without a major glitch, is only winning half the battle. For your new startup to succeed, it needs all the tools and advantages you can possibly give it, besides your entrepreneurial “winning attitude.”

Here are five important ways to help your new business experience sustained, solid, and surprisingly strong growth for years to come:

1. Upgrade Your Phone System

A business phone that’s really just a personal phone doing double-duty can seem unprofessional to potential prospects and lose you, new customers. But, as a small business start-up, you probably can’t afford a big, expensive phone system just yet.

There’s a solution: UniTel Voice allows you to use toll-free (800), local, and vanity numbers with your cell phone. It also gives you professional sounding introductory messages, voicemail, hold, extensions, and more. And you can use multiple numbers on one phone or multiple phones on one number.

Unitel’s Cloud-based approach makes all of the above affordable and easy to implement in a matter of minutes.

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2. Invest in Top-tier Web Design

Almost all businesses, especially new start-ups, are highly dependent on the Internet for a good chunk of their revenue. All your online ads, blogs, SEO efforts, and the like lead to one place – your website, so you can’t afford for it to be second best.

To reduce bounce rate and up conversions of website visitors, invest in professional Web design. They will help make your website eye-catching, SEO friendly, easy to navigate, and highly engaging.

You’ll avoid the pitfalls and take advantage of the most cutting-edge tips to enhance the visitor experience and make more conversions. It all pays off in the end.

3. Build a Referrals Strategy

It’s no secret that plenty of new clients will come to you based on referrals from past or existing clients. Serve each customer like he/she represented 10 or 100 because, over time, referral-based growth can accumulate to such numbers.

Give out business cards, small gifts with your business’ name/logo on it, and referral-based discount offers to your customers. Ask your customers to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. Ask them to fill out an online review you can post on your website or elsewhere.

Testimonials and referrals are a huge growth engine, so make sure that engine is working for you as hard as it can.

4. Make the Most of On-site Advertising

Online and over-the-phone business is big these days, but to reach your full growth potential, don’t neglect the on-site strategies either (if your business has a physical location that customers would visit, that is.)

Ensuring you have an attractive, easy-to-read at a distance, and the strategically placed sign is key. But also make the building front looks welcoming (clean, brightly lit, greenery present, color coordinated).

And put up a big banner or sign for every sales event – and if possible, place arrow-signs within a couple blocks of your site and have a friendly worker out on the sidewalk encouraging people to come in and save.

5. Constantly Monitor and Adjust

Finally, you have to be a good record keeper and put to use software programs (CRM, for example) and every other available tool to constantly monitor your business growth metrics.

You need detailed information about how your ads are doing, on website conversion, on customer satisfaction with over-the-phone service, and on customer retention rates. Unless you take time to gather the data and dig into it, you won’t know what’s working and what’s not, and how to adjust.