Top 30 eCommerce Templates for Your Small Business

Nowadays eCommerce turns out to be one of the most widely-used forms of trade all over the world. As you may understand, the Internet has penetrated into practically every aspect of our lives, so a website template can even be called an indispensable part of every business. In addition to this, it completely doesn’t matter whether you’ve been running it for a pretty long time or have only established it.

Your business really needs a fully-fledged website. For this reason, TemplateMonster decided to provide you with a small collection of the top-rated eCommerce templates that will assist you in winning sales and bringing in new business.

A Small Guide on eCommerce

Nowadays the Internet may offer you an overchoice regarding ready-made templates designed for eCommerce. As a person who has something to do with an online business, probably, you should know that sometimes it can be difficult to find a high-quality solution for your website which is something professionals like Spur IT can help you with. Furthermore, sometimes it can be difficult even to choose an eCommerce platform. A number of choices are almost unlimited but there are some aspects to which you should pay your attention:

  • try to find out this very platform that is considered to be a perfect fit for your online-project and, moreover, draws your attention to the point of growth together with it;
  • think over your budget and point out the most important features that your platform should have;
  • take notice of functionality and, of course, design – if you’re not familiar with web-design, look through a vast number of marvelous templates (made for PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento and other well-known platforms);
  • find out more about its support and community – just to make certain that if you have any issues, there will be someone who can help you resolve any type of problem;
  • don’t forget about its security because it’s crucial both for you and your customers.

So, below you can see many ready-made templates that will help you create something out-of-the-ordinary and stunning. Let’s look through them here and now…

Eveprest – Creative PrestaShop Theme

Eveprest is an innovative theme that will turn every online presentation into something remarkable and attention-getting. A wide variety of essential helpful functions (like TM Collections, LookBook, Mosaic Products, and so on and so forth) will make your online store look more trustworthy, while a TM 360 View feature will allow you to show your products from various angles.

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Magetique – Admirable Magento Theme

magetique theme

Magetique is a fantastic theme that will make every possible online-project play out in fresh colors. It comes pre-loaded with a package of five pre-made layouts that are considered to be a perfect fit for the most popular niches and tons of different options like Featured Products, Background Video, or Parallax.

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Woostroid – Innovative WooCommerce Theme

Woostroid - Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

A marvelous fusion of the excellent design that comes alongside impressive functionality. With the help of the easy-to-use WordPress Live Customizer, you will be able to customize your future website without any confusion, while using a wide variety of features (like product wishlist & comparison, mega-menu, and Cherry Projects), you will get the opportunity to present your goods in the best possible light.

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imPresta – Vibrant PrestaShop Theme

imPresta - Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme

An impactful template that is considered to be an ultimate choice for those who want to manage a creative and stylish website. This fascinating theme comes together with an attractive design (made for various niches like toys, bikes, fashion and others) and excellent functionality (that includes TM Product Manages and Deal of the Day) that will spice up your website.

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Spiceli – Delicious Magento Theme

Spiceli - Delicious Magento Theme

Spiceli is a tasty and hard-hitting theme that comes equipped with a huge package of various features that will certainly impress your imagination. With the help of the image slider with full-width images and mega-menu, you will be able to give your products a proper attention-grabbing presentation, while using featured products and brands, you can bring particular items to people’s attention.

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Styler – Elegant PrestaShop Theme

Styler 2 PrestaShop Theme

An on-trend and stylish template that will allow you to present your apparel to the best advantage. TM Ajax Search will make it completely easy to search for the desired items, while TM Category Products will allow you to divide them into different categories and, in such a way, make a looking-for even more comfortable.

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Mannerway – Sophisticated PrestaShop Theme

Mannerway - Sophisticated PrestaShop Theme

If you want to convince people of the fact that you sell the most stylish and fashionable clothes, you should definitely pay attention to this elegant theme. Such features as a remarkable product quick view, inconspicuous header account block, and impressive mega-menu will certainly make sure that the presentation of your goods will look stunning.

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Modern Furniture – Cozy Magento Theme

Modern Furniture - Cozy Magento Theme

In order to boost your furniture business on the Internet, this fabulous theme includes a vast number of essential options, pre-built components, and layouts. You will get product banners and sliders at your fingertips that will allow you to make your goods look incredible.

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Style Factory – Lovable WooCommerce Theme

Style Factory - Lovable WooCommerce Theme

This well-loved template is made for the owners of hair salons who are ready to boost their business on the web. With the help of multiple layout options, you will be ready to play around with the structure of your pages, while a huge number of content modules will make it possible to add various types of content to your website and describe your services in the smallest details.

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StoreFlex – Remarkable OpenCart Theme

Probably, you’ve never thought that one template may have such an unlimited number of different opportunities regarding both design and functionality. StoreFlex includes five marvelous skins (household goods, sport & hobbies supplies, food, fashion, and beauty) that come alongside with a user-friendly layout builder and multiple options that will provide your customers with a memorable shopping experience.

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SportLabs – Energetic WooCommerce Theme

A bold and convincing template that will certainly make everyone fall in love with sports. Your customers will be impressed with powerful appointment manager and timetable plugins that give a chance to look through your schedule and book a training directly on the website.

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Lightedix – Bright Magento Theme

Lightedix - Bright Magento Theme

Lightedix is a trend-perfect template that will prove to everyone that your lighting store has the best assortment ever. With the help of the stunning product carousel, you can showcase your items on the homepage and catch everyone’s attention at first glance, while using various product badges, you will be able to create a profitable promotion on the web.

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Multifly – Innovative Shopify Theme

Multifly - Innovative Shopify Theme

A classy theme that will allow you to freshen up the look of your online store and make it even more modern. Multi-language and multi-currency support will make it possible to reach your target audience from every corner of the world, while a huge mega-menu, parallax effect, and exciting gallery will make them scroll through your website again and again.

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Artworker – Excellent PrestaShop Theme

Artworker - Excellent PrestaShop Theme

A creative template made for those who find their inspiration in various artworks. It comes together with three pre-made layouts and a vast number of exclusive modules that will allow you to run a fully-fledged and swanky website.

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Jewelrix – Exquisite PrestaShop Theme

Jewelrix - Exquisite PrestaShop Theme

Jewelrix is a sparking template that will make everybody turn their eyes to your elegant accessories. With the help of the attention-getting deal of the day feature, you will be ready to showcase the hottest offers, while an easy-to-use TM Search will make it easier to look for something special.

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Fooder – Delicious OpenCart Theme

Fooder - Delicious OpenCart Theme

An excellent theme that comes packed with a fully-functional ordering theme that will certainly catch everyone’s eye. A wonderful product builder will allow your customers to choose the number of products they want to put in their pizza or fast food, while a powerful delivery system will calculate the cost for delivery in a flash.

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Furniture Store – Amiable WooCommerce Theme

Furniture Store - Amiable WooCommerce Theme

A unique theme that will assure everyone that your furniture can be called one of the best on the web. With the help of Projects and Testimonials, you can tell more about your upcoming plans and present reviews on your items, while using a stunning theme color switcher and extra pages layouts, you can make your presentation even more marvelous and impactful.

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Hugesale – Sparkling PrestaShop Theme

Hugesale - Sparkling PrestaShop Theme

If you have something to do with a wholesale online business, this incredible template will definitely capture your attention. It comes together with a huge set of different features that will allow you to make amazing menus and combine plenty of products into one single unity in order to turn them into lookbooks.

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Francy – Splendid WooCommerce Theme

Francy - Splendid WooCommerce Theme

Every beauty supply store will turn out to be something gorgeous if you decide to use this outstanding template to present it on the Internet. A tender design that includes brilliant handwritten fonts and well-structured blocks for displaying information on your goods will certainly meet the eye of your core audience.

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Amaryllis – Delightful WooCommerce Theme

Amaryllis - Delightful WooCommerce Theme

Amaryllis is a rich bouquet of such flowers as a colorful design and striking functionality. An impressive WooCommerce package will make the presentation of your services extremely cheerful and joyful, while a vast number of multiple layouts options will allow you to make changes in your design and turn it into something even more wonderful.

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Craftstamp – Marvelous WooCommerce Theme

Craftstamp - Marvelous WooCommerce Theme

If you adore making various handmade goods, you should definitely present them with the help of this admirable theme. In order to make you feel at ease during the customization process, this template comes packed with a stunning WordPress Live Customizer and a huge number of topical images that will brighten up your website.

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Decorta – Gorgeous PrestaShop Theme

Decorta - Gorgeous PrestaShop Theme

Without any doubt, this superb template will enrich the look of your furniture online store. A wondrous TM Mega-Menu will help you to create complex menus but, anyway, leave them intuitive and easy-to-use, while a great TM Collection will make it possible for customers to create a selection of the most likable products and share them on their social profiles.

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Tessa – Fashionable OpenCart Template

A wondrous template that will certainly make a stir on the web. With help of the background video, you will be able to make your customers agape with wonder, while multiple sorting options will provide you with the opportunity to divide your goods into categories based on different options.

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TripRev – Adventurous PrestaShop Theme

TripRev - Adventurous PrestaShop Theme

Traveling is something that can make our hearts beat faster and, without a doubt, this travel Prestashop theme will make people be impressed, too. It includes a lot of premium widgets, a fascinating TM Mega-Menu, and a TM Search Module that will turn your online presentation into something astonishing.

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Cosmetti – Impressive Store PrestaShop Theme

Cosmetti - Impressive Store PrestaShop Theme

A magnificent template that will assist you in making and running your natural cosmetics online store. A gentle design made in the palette of low-key colors will draw attention to your goods, while multiple banners will help you to highlight the latest updates on them and the hottest discounts.

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Tearider – Fresh PrestaShop Theme

Tearider - Fresh PrestaShop Theme

There are a lot of templates made for fans of coffee on the web that it would be nice to mark this one made for tea admirers which comes together with an incredibly interesting design and stunning functionality. An excellent commenting system and multiple social options will help you to get in touch with your customers and receive their feedback on your products.

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Star Cosmetics – Exciting PrestaShop Theme

Star Cosmetics - Exciting PrestaShop Theme

A fantastic theme designed especially for those who sell cosmetics on the web. A sticky menu and back-to-top button will help your customers feel alright during their online project, while a collection of pre-made color schemes will provide you with a wonderful chance to make your website even more attractive.

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Eveprest Furniture – Fantastic PrestaShop Theme

Eveprest Furniture - Fantastic PrestaShop Theme

One more fanciful theme made for presenting furniture online comes with four pre-made layouts from which you can choose the look of your future website. It includes TM Product Slider and Deal of the Day that will help you to present your best products and make visitors pay their attention to various alluring offers.

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B2BStore – Attractive PrestaShop Theme

B2BStore - Attractive PrestaShop Theme

If you sell a wide variety of goods on the Internet, you should certainly make use of this excellent template. It comes alongside tons of visual and functional tricks like multiple products image previews, category labels, blog post previews, and many others.

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This collection of eCommerce of templates looks like a true embarrassment of the riches but, believe us, you should certainly pay your attention to them. They combine a remarkable design with marvelous functionality, so there is no need to surf all over the Internet to find something exciting. Choose your template right now and be sure that it will bring you success. Thanks for reading!

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