How to Boost Your Salesmanship in 4 Effective Steps

As someone who works in sales, you are probably always striving to close more deals, boost your bottom line and attract more clients. If you feel like your current tactics are getting stale and you are not dazzling your customers as much as you would like, read on for some new ways to improve your game:

Use the Power of Visual Aids

Visual aids like slideshows, props, and videos can really support your existing sales presentations. In addition to showing your clients a product or service, the visual aid will clearly illustrate how it is used in everyday life and can help customers understand how and why they need it. If you need some inspiration to create your own visual aids, check out Amway’s YouTube page. The company uses powerful videos that help sell its brand. Spend some time watching the videos about the Nutrilite supplements, Artistry beauty products and more, and pay close attention to the wording that Amway uses along with the images to sell its brand. Afterward, consider what you can do to similarly market your brand.

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Know the Product Inside and Out

You can be the smoothest and friendliest salesperson on Earth, but if you don’t really understand what you are selling, you won’t land many sales. Today’s buyers are wiser than ever, and they are not as easily swayed by a winning smile and plenty of charm. To gain the trust of a potential client, do your homework and truly get to know what you are selling. Work with it, use it and understand all that the product can do; this way, you will be more than ready to answer questions in a confident manner and gain the trust of your would-be client.

Focus on Making a Friend, Not Just a Client

Building rapport with potential customers is key to human interaction – successful sales. But, because each person is different, you cannot use a generic “friendly salesperson script” or have some magic formula in mind. Understand that every person who steps into your showroom or who is on the phone is a unique individual with one-of-a-kind needs, wants, goals and desires – just like you are.

Great salespeople create emotional connections with their customers, according to the Harvard Business Review. In doing so, they don’t focus on selling products or services, they focus on selling what all consumers seek satisfaction. Take a page from Harry Beckwith’s book, “What Clients Love,” and do the same. According to Beckwith, “Progressive does not sell car insurance. It sells comfort: the comfort of knowing that if you have an accident, they will be at the scene, ready to write a check.” When a customer sets foot into your sales space, what type of satisfaction do they seek? Identify it and then provide it.

Be an Active Listener

When you are meeting with a prospective client and she is telling you what she is looking for in a product, stop thinking about everything else you have going on or what you want to say next and simply listen to her. This can be a tricky skill to learn – after all, you are a salesperson and you are used to doing a lot of the talking. But when you are actively listening to someone, you are engaged with the person and the conversation will become deeper and your relationship will become stronger. You can practice this skill with friends and family. Invite a close buddy out for lunch and ask about his last vacation and then closely pay attention to what he says.

The great thing about working on your salesmanship is that you will have immediate and tangible proof of its effectiveness. Bring your products home with you and spend time playing with and using them, and use this knowledge to create effective visual aids. Then, work on your interpersonal skills and treat every client like a new friend. In no time, you should notice an uptick in your sales and feel like you are more on top of your salesperson game.

Dragan Sutevski

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