3 Trendy Ways to Build Your Online Presence

online presence

The power of the online world for businesses is no secret. With Google getting more than 100 billion searches per month, 54 percent of marketers saying blogging is a top inbound priority, and one-third of the world using social media regularly, getting your brand’s online presence up to scratch can see phenomenal results for your exposure.

You’ve probably heard of the traditional and technical ways of building this, such as SEO and paid social advertising, but what are some trendy changes you can make to see better results? Let’s take a look.

1. Visual Aesthetics

Whether it’s your website, social media posts, video quality, infographics, photos or content pieces, displaying your online activity with high visual quality is important. Consider your color scheme and themes, fonts and formatting, as well as utilization of high-quality images and diagrams.

Research websites that use these visual aids for inspiration on how you’d like your site to look. Visual hierarchy is also a great tool to employ, in which you put the most important keywords at the top and make them stand out through formatting choices, and order your information down the page in decreasing importance, making it easier for your readers to comprehend. By being smart with your visual aesthetics online, you’ll be able to engage your consumers quicker and keep them interested in your business’ activity.

2. Partner Up on Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools on the world wide web, and it’s vital to always be coming up with new and trendy ways to strategize your marketing activities on these platforms. Along with your individual posts, partnering up on social media is a modern and efficient way to build a following, as you are exposed to the audiences of your online social partners.

Build relationships with influencers and other brands that align well with your company values, and engage closely with them through activities like hashtags, re-posting, and sponsored posts. You could collaborate with them across a joint campaign or go even bigger by organizing an event. By promoting and broadcasting the campaign or event on social media, you are not only being unique and therefore standing out in front of all the content on social media, but you also have the opportunity to capture the attention of new followers that are related to your partner.

3. Be Interactive

When it comes to online users, their attention span is often short. Due to the overload of online content available, people are used to only engaging with information that captures their attention fast and keeps them engaged. Interactive features on your online platforms are an effective way to achieve this because you’re constantly asking the users to remain active, which ultimately keeps them interested. Try ideas like videos, motion graphics, and hyperlinks that keep the user moving from page to page throughout your website and brand materials. Requesting calls to action like comments and re-posts on social media or feedback forms on your website is another way to keep activity high.

Building an online presence, whether you’re a new or existing brand, can be tough, but luckily there are a lot of strategy options. While traditional methods are effective, try some keeping up to date with trendy new tricks like these in order to always be ahead of the game.