4 Easy Ways to Get More Boost In Your Blog


Let’s face it, you work hard to keep your blog maintained at a quality level and you should be rewarded with the fruits of your labor. However, the reality is that too many professionals create excellent content but don’t promote it enough and then blame their low traffic numbers to the quality rather than their promotional methods.

Whether you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or simply trying to build your personal brand through your blog, there are steps you can take to increase exposure to your blog quickly. This article will cover the quick, free, and easy ways to drive more traffic to your blog posts.

1. Co-Marketing

Participate in co-marketing with other companies that help get your blog in front of new, targeted audiences. You can do this by making a list of marketers at certain companies that have a similar (but not competing) target audience, reach out to those marketers on Linkedin, then ask them if they’re interested in co-marketing together. Focus on these two co-marketing tactics:

  • Guest Posts: Offer to host a guest post of theirs on your blog, and ask for them to do the same. Guest posts can help build your authority as an influencer or thought the leader in your industry space, and will also expose your blog to a whole new audience.
  • Link Exchanges: Figure out which keywords you want to rank for, then ask them to link those keywords to your blog posts that cover the topics related to those keywords. This will help your website naturally gain more authority through its SEO power. Google crawlers will take into account that your site is associated to certain keywords on domains that aren’t your own. You should not abuse this though, because Google is wary of link exchanges – so keep it modest.

2. Free Ping Services

After publishing a post, use free tools like “Pingler.com”, “Pingomatic.com”, and “AutoPinger.com” to update multiple services and search engines about your new post. These tools help Google index your page more quickly, by making Google aware that the page exists. This ultimately results in more page traffic over time.

Using this service can take less than a minute. Because they’re a free service, there can be serious lag time in their pinging if you’re not on a high-speed internet connection – it’s worth considering providers that have specifically designed plans for small businesses. Once your post is live, simply copy and paste its URL into one of the Ping service websites. Some of the services let you categorize your post as well, to help it hit more relevant publications.

3. Leverage Industry Influencers

If you haven’t already, you can easily locate industry influencers by Googling main keywords related to your industry and focusing on the top three pages of Google Search Results. Determine who the companies and the authors are of those pages.

Reach out to industry influencers and let them know you’ve quoted them or used their work in your blog. Reaching out on Linkedin or Twitter is probably the best option unless you can find their email. When you contact them, make it sound personal and not self-promotional. Don’t ask them to share the post – just let them know about it. They will already know the power of the link included in your blog post and determine if it makes sense for them to share it.

4. Promote Through Social

Promoting your blog on social is a given, but make sure you tag both the contributors and their companies in your posts. This way, they’ll be notified of your share and most likely share with their audience as well.

That being said, don’t be afraid to tag them in multiple posts over the course of months. Your blog post should be shared on Twitter on a schedule something like this:

Week 1: Share on Twitter 3 times

Week 2: Share on Twitter 2 times

Week 3: Share on Twitter 2 times

Week 4: Share on Twitter 0-2 time

Following month: Share 4-6 times

Following month: Share 3-5 times

In total, that’s a maximum of 20 shares over the course of three months – and that’s even on the lighter side of promotion! Again, don’t share a brand new blog post just ONCE on Twitter and expect to get loads of views. You need to consistently share it over the next few months, tag contributors and influencers in the Tweets, and use hashtags to optimize exposure.

By leveraging any or all of the four marketing tactics above, you’ll undoubtedly see an increase in your blog traffic.