[Infographic] From Millionaire to Billionaire – The Journey to the Three-Comma Club

How long does it take to become a billionaire and enter the three-comma club? Three-comma club indicate a billion dollars because $1,000,000,000 has 3 commas. If you become a part of the three commas club, that means that you are a billionaire.

Becoming a billionaire seems like a great objective that you can put in front of you. But, sadly, it’s only a fantasy for most of us. The important thing that we must to take into consideration is that most billionaires have not started their companies as billionaires. They have some competences, and most importantly they have seen great opportunity to build their nex empire. In their entrepreneurial journey, they have made smart decisions, and some circumstances help them to reach their billions.

from millionaire to billionaire

You probably know that your entrepreneurial journey is not an easy journey covered with gold. There are many failings and get-ups. As an entrepreneur, you learn from your failure, and this requires time. You need knowledge, experience, and skills that also require time. But, there are some entrepreneurs that really get their way to earn the first million and then the next milestone for the first billion. Today, there are more than 2000 billionaires in the world.

What is the average age when the first million is earned? What is the average age when a millionaire becomes a billionaire? What is the average time to reach one billion from one million? What about the industry or countries from where they come? Their educational background? You can find the answers to these questions, and many others inside this infographic created by Betway Insider. There are really fascinating facts and figures to learn about the billionaires from one side and also offers valuable lessons you can use from the experience of billionaires to build wealth for you. So, look at some trends that exist according to this research.

three-comma clubAn infographic by Betway Insider

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