What Is the Value of TV Campaigns for Online Brands?

tv ad for online brands

One of the most essential components to the success of any online business is how they market themselves, their products, services, and offers. Many consumers would be forgiven for thinking that the only way to run an ad campaign for online brands is online, via social media for example. In actual fact, there are still a lot of benefits of running a TV ad campaign, and they’re proving just as successful now as they’ve ever been.

When it comes to traditional advertising, television is still king. This is because the audience that online brands are looking to target will own at least one TV, with many of them having more scattered around the house.

Even with the rise of the internet as a way to advertise, we all still find time to spend a few hours a day in front of the box and this allows a brand to reach a bigger and broader audience.

Also, when compared to other traditional forms of advertising such as through newspapers, magazines, and the radio, television has the advantage of conveying the message by putting more senses into action.

Audiences can see and hear the advertisement at the same time and this will allow them to make a better judgment on what’s being advertised. It also allows the brand to add a personal touch, possibly even a bit of a backstory, which will appeal to most people’s nature.

Most top brands will aim for their ad campaigns to be broadcast on television during prime viewing hours. This is usually during the evening when everyone has finished eating their evening meal and have settled in for the night. At this time viewers are a lot more attentive when it comes to what they’re seeing on the television, and this is one of the biggest advantages of advertising on TV.

A perfect example of this commitment is Party Casino UK, a leading gaming brand who have included advertising on television as part of their overall UK marketing strategy. Their latest ad campaign discusses a once in a lifetime opportunity to be won and that the chance to win is open to new customers. When viewers are relaxing in front of the TV, many of them will have their smartphone to hand. With online brands now having their own apps it means that once they’ve seen an ad such as Party Casino’s, they can sign up in just a matter of minutes.

According to figures from the Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB), UK commercial TV reached 91.9% of the UK every week in 2016, with the average broadcast TV campaign picking up 237 million views in the same year. So, it certainly shows just how big the reach an advertising campaign on television is and this has led to more of the top brands sinking money into this area of marketing.

The internet may be on the rise in many areas but when it comes to traditional advertising methods that have proven very effective for decades, television still comes out on top. With more and more money being sunk into running TV ad campaigns and the audience that they can reach constantly growing, the top brands will still be appearing in the box for many years to come.