5 Things that an Improved Education Can Offer Your Employment Options


Regardless of which job or career path you’ve chosen, the more you know, the better it will be for you. When you increase your knowledge, you feel better about yourself, make more money and make yourself more attractive to employers. Studies show that people in the United States with only a high school diploma are twice as likely to make under $40 000 per year than those with a college degree. Even if you are happy at your current workplace, an improved education could show your boss that you’re ready for a promotion and more responsibility. If you’re job hunting, employers want the most qualified candidates.

Here are five things an improved education can do for you at any stage of your working life.

It can get your foot in the door.

If you’re struggling to find your first job, it could be because you need to improve your education. Even if the first “job” you eventually get is an unpaid internship, it can provide you with the skills you need to impress employers. If you only have a high school diploma, consider enrolling in a community college or taking some courses online to boost your resume. If potential employers see that you’re trying to better yourself, they may offer you a job even before you complete your course of study.

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It allows you to switch careers.

Maybe you’ve already had a few jobs and now you’re ready for something different. Switching careers isn’t easy and it can be frightening but it’s very much possible. Chances are, you can carry some of the things you have already learned into your new role. For the other things, colleges and schools are there to help you.  Depending on the field, you might need a degree. Part-time and online programs will allow you to study while continuing in your current job until it’s time to make that big move.

It prepares you for management

Do you automatically take charge in group situations? Perhaps leading a team or managing a division of your current company is what you aspire to. On the job experience is fantastic but you may need some help in learning the theory behind the craft and keeping up with current approaches. You may not always need to get a full degree. Certificates, diplomas and even workshops and leadership courses can all help you.

It can help you get a job with better benefits.

Getting paid is one of the obvious perks of having a job. That may be all you need as a teenager but when you have responsibilities and you want to improve your quality of life, you need more. Improving your education can help you to get a stable job which offers retirement plans, health insurance, travel allowances and maybe even housing or childcare stipends. Some jobs cover lunches, offer travel opportunities and even sponsor further education. These are not things you want to pass up.

It protects you against the social and economic risk

Economies suffer crises from time to time and people with minimal education tend to be impacted more. Research shows that individuals with higher levels of education are better able to withstand social and economic problems in their countries. During times of crisis, employers seem willing to pay for highly skilled tertiary-educated employees. Their wages often increase even during hardship.

Sure, many people have become successful without a college education. However, it is clear that improving your education has a real effect on your ability to get a stable job with perks, move through the ranks and even switch careers completely.