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4 Signs That Your Customers Think You’re The One


There are many signs that must be followed by entrepreneurs. Some of them are signs that will tell you that your current customers are loyal to you, your company or your brand.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs are so much concentrated in bringing new customers to the business. New customers are something that every business owner wants. However, without retention of existing customers, you cannot expect to grow. Your company will remain on the same level and probably after some period of time will start to fall and suffer because of the lack of customers.

Let’s talk about four possible signs that will tell you something about your customers.

1. If they come back and repeat the purchase.

Ask yourself these basic questions:

  • How many of your current customers did not come again to repeat the purchase?
  • Why they didn’t back and repeat the purchase?

The answers of these questions will give you possible places where you can make significant improvements in your company.

For example, if they didn’t come back, because your product quality sucks, improve the quality of the products. If they didn’t come back because your sales persons suck, change or educate them.

On the other side, if they come back and repeat the purchase in your business you will know that your company is on the right way.

2. They share with their friends their incredible experience with your business.

Other sign that will tell you that your customers are stuck with your business is if they share their experience with their friends.

You must follow their behavior after making business with them. If they are on social media, follow them, and look what they talk about you, your company or your brand.

If they didn’t say anything, there is probably something wrong. I say probably because it doesn’t mean that must be something wrong. However, you can ensure simply if you ask them about their experience with your business. Ask them, what they want, and what they didn’t want. Help him, and they will help you to improve your business.

3. They bring their friends in your store.

This sign will not work for businesses that are not location based. However, if your business is restaurant, retail store, fast food service or something similar based on location where the purchase occurs, then this sign will tell you important things about your customers.

4. They feel like they are at their home when they are at your store.

I don’t like to purchase in stores where sales persons make me nervous. Probably, nobody likes to buy something where they don’t feel like a home.

Ask your customers about how they feel when they are in your business. Ask them what they want to be implemented that will improve their experience and feeling when they are in the buying process.

The answers will give you possible elements that need improvements.

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