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Guerrilla Marketing Concept With Social Media

social media and guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing and social media can be so powerful for small businesses and their marketing activities. Today’s possibilities are greater than ever before.

How entrepreneurs can use social media marketing in relation to powerful guerrilla marketing concept? This is an important question for entrepreneurs because the answer can have a powerful impact on overall business performance for the future. Social medias are powerful branding platforms, so you need to use them.

In this post, I want to make a brief look into the concept of guerrilla marketing and social media as something worth for today’s entrepreneurs.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a concept defined by Jay Conrad Levinson in the 1980s. In that concept, marketing is defined as each possible contacts that businesses have or will have in the future with the outside world. From this definition of marketing, it becomes clear that entrepreneurs have unlimited options when it comes to marketing opportunities.

Marketing is not about money that you have available for spending, it is more about energy and time invested in becoming a part of that communication. Marketing is more about building a presence where potential customers are. Marketing is more about helping people to find your business and less about highly decorated MS Excel charts.

Social Media and Guerrilla Marketing Concept

In today’s world, this concept is even easier than in the past when for the first time this concept was coined. Now all people read e-mails, read blog posts, they are active contributors to the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Each time when you start your mobile phone or your computer the first thing that you look is some type of conversion or connection with different people that many of them you don’t know personally.

guerrilla marketing and social media

Let’s look at the following statements:

  • Social media tools are tools that bring interaction between people on a higher level. The guerrilla marketing concept contains building interaction with customers.
  • Social media improve the everyday communication process between persons from different sides of the world. On the other side, a guerrilla marketing concept is something that talks about breaking down barriers in the dialogue between business people and customers.

It becomes clear that building a social media presence of the businesses is one of the possible guerrilla marketing weapons.

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How you can use them?

How to use radio, TV, flyers or newspapers as marketing weapons are simpler to answer than how to use these new media for the same purpose.

Traditionally advertising is based on making an irresistible offer, great headline, great design, and starting the campaign. In these traditional weapons, you can easily locate the starting point and ending point of the process. On the other side, building social media presence as a part of an overall guerrilla marketing concept also have a starting point, but until today seems it is a never-ending process.

Entrepreneurs must use different guerrilla marketing tactics to succeed with these new media.

Generally, I can only say that you must start building your presence, learn, listen and change your approaches to building that presence.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Social Media

1. Social Media Strategy

Create a social media strategy for building your business presence on social media sites. In the strategy, you must clearly define benefits that your business can deliver to the potential customers and how you can communicate that benefits.

2. Delegate

As an entrepreneur, you must delegate responsibility for all members of your business. Remember, for building social media presence, all your business members are responsible.

3. Build Your Online Presence

Start building an online presence. Build your website and start with blogging to spread your voice. Think about your web architecture that will optimize how users navigate through a site. You need the most important information to be easily accessible on your website.

You can install social commenting platforms that will allow the spreading of what’s being said on your blog for a much larger audience on social networking platforms.

4. Customer Interaction

Use social media as tools for customer interaction. At first, it is not about you and your business, it is more about your potential customers and their needs and problems.

5. Deliver Value

Start to communicate usefulness and value with your customers.

6. Be part of the Conversation

Involve yourself and your team members in as much as possible conversations on social media accounts.

7. Relevancy and Consistency

Be relevant and consistent.

Question: What you think about the guerrilla marketing concept in relation to social media? Share your experience with us.

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