Why is Marketing Essential to Your Business Success?

100 marketing ideas

Even though you might have the best product or service in the world, if nobody gets to hear about it, you’re not going to make any sales whatsoever. Period. This is where marketing comes in; by getting this part of your business done right, you’ll position yourself as the one who provides answers to people’s problems. If you produce something that’s in high demand, people will almost beg you to take their money – this is how powerful marketing if executed correctly, can be.

Getting the word out

You can do your own marketing or check out the websites of various marketing agencies (with ascend2.com being just one example). But the basic idea is always the same – getting the word out and pointing the people to your company’s website. Still, keep in mind that only by promoting your business to the right audiences will you be able to get the desired results.

The importance of targeting

Simply put, trying to sell a new garage door to a crowd of golf lovers, for example, is bad targeting that won’t get you any sales. Unless your product has a broad appeal, trying to target as many people as possible is not a good idea (and most likely means you’ll be throwing resources out the window). What you should do instead is laser-focus on a specific group of people with similar interests who are very likely to be interested in what you have to offer. The more specific, the better.

Thinking in terms of traffic generators

When marketing online, we’re trying to get people from point A to point B (which is one of the web assets that you control and it’s what keeps making you sales). In other words, we’re generating traffic to your website. There are various ways through which we can accomplish this: SEO, posting videos, podcasts, ebooks, articles, press releases…

Strengthening your brand

Increasing people’s awareness of your brand is what keeps building and establishing your authority. As we all know, authority is one of the factors that determines your sales success. If a potential customer has heard of you or your company before, you can count on standing a higher chance of making a sale.

Building an asset

Your website is your most important salesperson. Given the fact it can make you money even while you sleep, if you’re not constantly trying to improve its conversion rate, you’re essentially leaving money on the table. By spreading around valuable and informative content as we’ve discussed before, you’re basically setting up small little traffic funnels that direct visitors to it day in and day out. As long as the content you’re syndicating is relevant, these visitors all count as qualified leads.


Marketing your business both online and offline is as important as ever, with the former being the primary focus of many business owners all around the world due to how accessible it is (you can do it from the comfort of your chair, any time you please). Have you already designed a marketing plan for your company? If not, what’s holding you back?