Gain a Competitive Edge on Your Competition With These Simple Tech Upgrades

office tech

It’s true. Many of today’s modern workplaces are using outdated technology, including last-century operating systems, out-of-date contact center software and even fax machines. This opens up a solid opportunity for current business owners to one-up their competition by upgrading a few very simple pieces of day-to-day office tech.

Here’s a look at which pieces of technology your competitors are still using and why you need to update your systems to gain a leg up in your market.

Throw Out the Fax

Believe it or not, the fax machine is still a popular piece of equipment that can be found in thousands of offices around the U.S. Why? More people trust a phone line network for sending sensitive information than they do the internet. For this reason, industries like healthcare and finance still use fax machines, with decidedly mixed results.

As a recent Vox article reports, “In the medical sector, the fax is as dominant as ever. It is the cockroach of American medicine: hated by doctors and medical professionals but able to survive — even thrive — in a hostile environment … It frustrates doctors, nurses, researchers and entire hospitals, but a solution is evasive.”

Most experts agree that cloud-based systems are reliable when it comes to securing private company information, storing the data on multiple off-site servers that have proven difficult to hack. By throwing out the fax and moving to more efficient online systems, you can get ahead of your competitors in a big way.

Move to a Unified Cloud-Based Call Center

In the past, call centers had to do a lot of manual work in terms of tracking phone calls, wait times and the overall customer experience. And even with the growing popularity of cloud contact centers, many small businesses still haven’t switched over to these more modern systems that provide everything from CRM integrations and multi-channel communications to in-depth reporting.

This can put these companies at a big disadvantage, especially with customer relations being such a vital part of any successful business plan. Moving your company over to a cloud contact center means besting the competition with a proven track record of positive client communication.

Upgrade Your Operating System

Despite fairly new OS software coming out (e.g., Microsoft Windows 10), many businesses are still operating off ancient technology, specifically the Windows XP software that first made its debut in 2001.

Upgrading your internal tech to systems like Windows 10 gives you a host of fantastic features that are not available on XP, including the personal assistant Cortana and the popular Edge browser. The biggest reason: security. Windows XP is no longer being supported by Microsoft, which means limited security for both your data and internal communications.

There are multiple areas where you can best your competition by simply investing ins simple tech upgrades. Spending the time and money on keeping up with the ever-changing tech landscape can seem like a lot, but its an investment that will pay dividends thanks to greater security, higher levels of efficiency and accuracy and top-notch customer care.