6 Essential Features For Your Business Smartphone Plan

business mobile phone plan

Today’s business world is more mobile than ever before. So, it makes sense that you need a mobile phone plan tailored for your business.

Let’s look at what features you need your plan to include to keep your business running smoothly.

Wi-Fi Calling

One of the handiest features for business is Wi-Fi calling. This ability allows you to call and text over Wi-Fi when there’s a lack of coverage from your cellular network towers. This means, your calls go through even when your phone shows no cell reception. You won’t notice a difference in clarity either.

You use your phone’s own number, there’s no separate app needed and no additional logins. You’re just connected to Wi-Fi instead of to cellular service.

Wi-Fi calling comes with all T-Mobile business plans. Plus, you get the fastest network speeds with T-Mobile according to a new report from OpenSignal that tracks the speed of all the cellular carriers. What’s great is Wi-Fi calls to the United States from anywhere in the world come free with your plan.

business smartphone plan
Image via Flickr by JeepersMedia

Hot Spot Capability

Another great tool for business is the ability for making your phone a personal cell spot. This means you get the benefits of Wi-Fi even when there’s no Wi-Fi connection around you. It’s like having your own signal tower. For a small additional fee, around $25 on most plans, you and your business colleagues can connect to the internet using their own phones. Only one of the phones needs the hotspot and that’s easily connected from the settings menu. For example, all Apple phones have hotspot feature that can be used to share internet access through data plan on mobile phone. The other phones pick up the feed coming from your phone. It makes working from anywhere possible.

Number of Lines

Whether you need two lines or 200, there’s a mobile plan for your business with a different pricing structure separate from personal lines. Even using multiple numbers from the same phone is possible. Just like having a multi-line land phone except this fits in your pocket. Plus, adding more phones to the plan usually runs only $10 per line. Just make sure your carrier offers 4G LTE data, so you know the speed of the connection is fast. Most major carriers use a 4G LTE network today anyway.

Email and Surfing

Smartphones today allow the user access to email and websites. There was a time when only the BlackBerry held that capability. Today any smartphone, iPhone or Android, accesses that feature. This means the business buyer has more to choose from when looking for a smartphone and allows you to pick the handset with the most comfortable design for you and your team.

International Calling

Most major cell networks allow free calls to Canada and Mexico. If you do business with those countries, free calling is a must. If your business covers the globe, look for a plan with discounts for calling overseas. Many of the major carriers offer plans including unlimited calling and international text messaging for a small monthly fee. Make sure your plan includes unlimited data too when working internationally.

Check and make sure the plan also includes unlimited calling to landlines in foreign countries at no extra charge and a discounted rate to the countries you do the most business with. Carriers offer discounts to most European, South American, and some Asian countries. Today’s networks offer plans that eliminate roaming charges when traveling to other countries as well. Further discounts for using auto pay also help lower the overall cost of your plan.

Choosing a Plan

Choosing limited or unlimited calling depends on business call volume. Do you need unlimited talk and text for every line on the plan or would a shared pool of predetermined data be better for you? Your cell provider can calculate the number of lines and the average amount of data used to help make a decision on what type of plan to choose.

The major cell providers all offer the services you need. The number of lines and the cost of the plan are the main differences, so don’t be afraid to shop around. In today’s mobile society, make sure your mobile phone plan includes a way to stay connected no matter where you are.