40 Must Do Marketing Advices for Your Small Business

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Marketing is a large part of everyday business activities. Sometimes it brings fantastic results, sometimes not. However, we cannot underestimate its value for each small business.

There, on the market are thousands or millions of potential customers for your company. They will become your customers only if they hear about the products and services offered by your business.

Marketing activities can help you to spread messages for your products and services or your business in general to your potential customers.

In this post, I want to share 40 marketing advices that I collect through experience and education in the last five years.

The Best Practices in These Marketing Advices Implementation

I want you to use these marketing advices and make a big jumping in your business success. Because of that, before we start with advice, here are a couple of tips for adopting them into your business:

  • Start from the first advice, but it is up to you if you decide to start from the middle or the end.
  • Focus on one advice first, and then the next. It’s too hard to try to adopt a large amount of change at once.
  • Start documenting everything. Documenting your activities will help you to create standards for your business that will be used in the future. For example, if you work on the commitment to your marketing plan, answer and document the following questions: How I can commit to my marketing plan, what I need to do to commit to my marketing plan when I need to do what I need to do…

40 Marketing Advices for Small Business Entrepreneurs

1. Know who your customers are.

2. Know what they want.

3. Know what they don’t want.

4. Know where they are.

5. Know what they are doing there.

6. Know what they think when they are there.

7. Know what is the meaning of value for them.

8. Know what are their real problems.

9. Know their level of desire for solutions for their problems.

10. Always be there where they are.

11. Specify a clear path of how they can find you.

12. Know how to reach them there.

13. Build strong relationships with your customers.

14. Know what your competitors are doing.

15. Make a competitive analysis.

16. Know your products or services.

17. Make the irresistible offer.

18. Make a clear call to action.

19. Use different media to reach them.

20. Test, test and test.

21. Improve, improve and improve.

22. Research, research and research.

23. Be creative.

24. Build a strong business reputation.

25. Build massive trust inside and outside your business.

26. Be credible.

27. Always make a marketing plan.

28. Commit to your marketing plan.

29. Frequently check your marketing plan to see what’s next.

30. Compare the real numbers with planned numbers.

31. Make clear marketing objectives that will support overall business objectives.

32. Always set up the marketing budget.

33. Exclude each element in your marketing campaigns that means pressure for your current and potential customers.

34. Build a list.

35. Make a system for growing the list.

36. Segment the list.

37. Use blogging as a part of marketing strategy.

38. Create a social media strategy.

39. Communicate with customers and potential customers through social media.

40. Show benefits instead of features in your marketing weapons.

Question: Can you share with us some additional advices that you think can improve small business efforts in marketing?