The Certification Expert – Passing the HP Certification HPE0-S51 Exam Tips!

There are a lot of areas that HP certifications cover such as networking, cloud computing, strategy, planning, service automation, service assurance, and application lifecycle management. HP certifications have 4 levels namely foundational, professional, master and expert. The Foundational level tests your skills to exhibit HPE products and solutions. The Professional level requires you to have skills that are essential for mid-market and HP SMB solutions. The Professional certification helps you to create and support HP solutions. It also helps you to configure HP equipment software.

The expert level requires you to have the skills which are mandatory for designing, administering, deploying, implementing, and supporting IT solutions that are home to complex enterprise technologies. Lastly, the master’s level wants you to demonstrate the skills which are needed for the alignment of the IT solutions to the business and financial goals of organizations.

Why Get HPE Certification

Gaining HPE certifications mean that now you are officially recognized as someone who has the ability to configure, identify, manage and describe important HPE data center solutions such as 3Par, View infrastructure management and Nimble, etc. The certification also validates that you are well versed in describing the HPE data center strategy. Some other advantages of gaining HPE certification are as follows:

  • It helps you get a better job since businesses are on the lookout for hybrid and data center experts.
  • It helps you in increasing your knowledge pertaining HPE spanning servers, storage, and networking.
  • Through this certification, you can advance your career, since now you are a recognized professional.
  • The certification helps you in maintaining the HPE partnership benefits.

Why HP Certification Exam Is Important

The introduction of HP HPE0-S51 certification has left a serious impact on the IT industry. The certification actually describes your complacency level and gaining this certification can result in a better career and job for you. Some of the careers which you can go for are ProLiant Server Expert and Data Center Technician.

HPE0-S51 Exam

As mentioned already the clearing of the exam and subsequent gaining of certification means that you are now a recognized professional when it comes to HPE infrastructure strategy, networking, encompassing SMB server and management tools. Clearing this exam also means that you are someone who once exposed to customer requirements and solution design, can implement the solution.

Contents of The Exam

The exam contains 60 questions which include multiple choice (multiple responses, scenario-based), multiple-choice (single response, scenario-based), matching, and drag and drop.

Who Is Suitable for the Exam

As a candidate, you must have at least 12 months of experience in one of the important HPE areas. Having the required experience means that your chances of clearing the exams are very high. The exam is a little tough hence it is ideal for people with relevant experience to appear for it. People with no experience can face serious difficulties in answering exam questions.

Tips for The Exam

Some of the key tips for the exam are as follows:

  • Before you take the exam, ensure that you are well prepared. Take all the relevant training and study all the course materials.
  • The majority of questions in the exam are based on expected knowledge which can only be acquired via job experience.

Overall Exam Objective

  • On the exam, you have to explain and identify IT technologies which are of industry standard and which are utilized in medium and small-sized solutions (10%).
  • The exam enables to recommend optimum HPE products, services and solutions to meet the modern day business requirements (17%).
  • The certification enables you to design HPE server solution, HPE storage solution and HPE network solution, of course, based on the business requirements of the customer (26%).
  • The exam helps you to become a professional in validating, installing, and upgrading HPE SMB solutions as well as their components (25%).
  • The exam enables you to repair and troubleshoot HPE SMB components (12%).
  • Lastly, clearing this exam means that you can manage, administrate and operate HPE SMB components and solutions.

How to Pass the Exam

Due to the introduction of advanced ProLiant Server solutions, HP exams have become very tough for the candidates. To clear the test easily, it is recommended that you should practice VCE exam tests. You can find enough updated exam preparation materials on the internet on HPE0-S51. After constant training of the material, it will become very easy for you to clear this test. The exam products offered by different websites are in 2 formats: namely practice test (dynamic files) and PDF questions (static files). The PDF file of the HPE0-S51 exam dump contains the original exam questions and solving them really makes you ready for the real exam. The preparation material is mobile friendly and you can easily download it on your smartphone or tablet. Training VCE files will help you to gain the true experience of a real exam and training through this software means that you learn how to tackle the different pressures that you feel during the exam.


There is no doubt that earning these certifications requires a hefty amount of effort and dedication. Individuals, starters, or experienced professionals, who are just attempting the exam for the sake of earning the certification without actually learning any new skills or by completely relying on their ability to memorize question-answers are making a grave mistake. Such people not only end up failing the exam but they also end up wasting precious sums of money on the certificate exams repeatedly till they eventually pass.

Companies understand the different approaches that candidates may take toward the exam. Hence, they have developed newer, better, and tested strategies to make the certificate exam tough to pass. Many certificate exams now essentially require some practical experience either in labs or on your job regarding the skill being learned because the questions asked are also related to the problem-solving and more logical aspects of the knowledge that you gain in the exam preparation. So, there is no shortcut, you need to put in the work to earn this certification, just like the rest.

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