Leading-Edge Technology to Boost Efficacy in Your Business

Leading-Edge Technology

Many businesses are already taking advantage of leading-edge technologies that reduce costs while boosting productivity.

Cloud collaboration platforms, AI chatbots and voicebots, automated mobile marketing platforms and digital training and onboarding are some examples of resources that cut time and costs. These help businesses overcome limitations such as time, space and knowledge gaps by letting technology do the work while company reaps the benefits.

Collaborate on the Cloud

Mobile devices let employees take their work on-the-go as though they never left the office, thanks to faster mobile processors on devices with long-lasting batteries and biometric security features. One example of mobile devices that are great for employee use is the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 835 processor and thus capable of handling any workload without compromising speed and efficiency.

You can use mobile apps like G Suite or Trello for file sharing and storing, plus team communication, on the cloud. This makes collaboration limitless, enabling teams to edit, comment on or approve documents anytime, anywhere. Instant file sharing also makes it easy to hire freelancers or collaborate with partners who are in different locations.

Use AI Chatbots to Boost and Automate Customer Service Response

As AI technology grows, more and more businesses are investing in AI chatbots to replace a large chunk of their customer support team. With the growing demand for e-commerce and “m-commerce,” businesses and customers alike can benefit from the 24/7 customer response AI chatbots provide. With AI chatbot services such as Clare.AI, Twyla, and Botisfy, businesses can automate most of the customer support without having to hire anyone.

Besides having a faster response time, AI chatbots are actually more accurate in answering questions than their human counterparts. Their cognitive technology can understand customer inquiries and responses, and in return give meticulously accurate answers thanks to their memory power.

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Mobile Marketing to Engage Customers on Mobile Devices

Technology also makes it possible to better automate your business’ marketing efforts, saving time and cutting staffing costs. Customers are increasingly engaging with businesses and brands through their mobile devices, which gives businesses the opportunity to meet their demand through automated mobile marketing technology. SMS messaging, mobile apps and QR codes are some of the new ways businesses can reach the mobile user market.

Digital marketing automation platforms can help businesses automate marketing by sending out SMS and email campaigns, ad campaigns and more. Delivra, Marketo, and Hubspot are some of the platforms delivering these services and collecting analytics businesses can use to improve their reach.

Digital Training and Onboarding

Digital platforms like WalkMe, Skilljar, and Iridize help new employees get the training and onboarding they need, while the software vendors provide any technical support they may require. Existing employees can also get trained and become acclimated to new technologies with the help of digital education platforms. This saves time and reduces the workforce required for employee training.

Emerging technologies are enhancing everyday operations for businesses and improving customer experience. Thanks to their versatility, portability, and speed, mobile devices are now one of the most effective options for employee productivity. Meanwhile, an increasing number of cloud-based platforms are helping businesses save time with collaboration features unbound by time and space. Automation tools are also helping businesses overcome the limitation of time, enabling them to do more and even do it more effectively with the help of AI intelligence.