Why All Businesses Should Be Blogging in 2018


If you want your business to succeed in the modern world, you need to leverage online marketing including blogging. Many established company owners and young entrepreneurs still think that building a website is enough to generate leads, but unless you market your website, the chances of attracting visitors are slim to none.

According to a recent survey, there are now over 1.8 billion live websites, most of which get virtually no visitors. Fortunately, your website doesn’t need to be just a splash in the ocean because there are various ways to attract readers and ensure online success. While there are plenty of top SEO strategies to improve your search ranking, one of the most important things you need to do is develop a blog campaign.

Companies that blog are up to 13 times more likely to gain a return on investment from their online marketing efforts. Moreover, businesses that publish blogs generate up to 67% more leads than companies that don’t. Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of business blogging.

1. Increase Search Engine Traffic

As you publish more and more blogs, you increase the chances of being seen by search engine users, much the same as you’re more likely to catch fish by throwing as many hooks into the water as possible. However, you need to make sure that your blogs are relevant to your target market or else you’re essentially fishing without bait. If you’re unsure of how to do that, you might need to call a company that specialises in SEO in Sydney.

2. Humanise Your Brand

The main focus of your website content is to sell your products or services. Blogging, on the other hand, allows you to show the personal side of your company. You should avoid publishing articles that only discuss the benefits of your offering and instead concentrate on building relationships with your readers. You’ll soon find that the resulting increased trust in your business pays dividends.

3. Support Your Social Media Campaigns

Keeping your social media followers interested in your posts is extremely challenging if you don’t have high-quality content for them to read on your website. You can significantly increase social media engagement by making sure you can lead readers to information that’s useful to them. Also, blog posts can be used to create email campaigns, which is one of the most effective ways to generate leads online.

4. Establish Authority in Your Industry

By publishing articles about crucial industry-related information, you can prove yourself as an expert in your field and consequently build trust with your readers. When your readers require the services you sell, you’ll be the first company they think of.

In addition to the points detailed above, blogging can help you generate inbound links, increase conversion rates, facilitate communication and rank on the search engines for long-tail keywords. So, if you’re not already blogging, now is the time to start.