InventureX: Is It A Scam Or Is This Crowdfunding Agency Legit?


If you are interested in crowdfunding, chances are you have heard about some brands and agencies, including InventureX. This marketing company has taken care of campaigns where crowdfunding is involved since 2012. The agency is quite known for helping people, especially entrepreneurs, meet their fundraising objectives.

What Exactly is Crowdfunding?

Since you will be hearing the term “crowdfunding” several times, you will want to know what it is all about using a clear and straightforward explanation. At a glance, it is a technique that lets you raise capital with the cooperative help of your family, friends, and others. You can use different ways to gain money, but social media networks and crowdfunding platforms, like KickStarter and IndieGoGo are among the most common methods.

Crowdfunding is a unique approach to financing a business. It helps streamline the customary model of getting financial support for a product or company. You basically have one platform, which you will build and you will use to showcase and pitch your resources. It becomes easier to get the chance to demonstrate your plans, product, or business to several interested parties. You also provide them with more ways of helping your firm grow.

Is InventureX Legit?

There are many people talking about the legitimacy of InventureX, particularly when it comes to providing the participants with investment opportunities.

One of the best ways to determine whether or not a company is a sham is through the reviews. This crowdfunding marketing agency has plenty of reviews from real people. Companies and entrepreneurs alike praised the expertise of the agency, which genuinely helped them achieve success in their campaigns.

inventurex scam or legit

Among the newest projects that garnered great result involved “The Simulation Theory” that resulted in over 1,120 supporters who pledged almost $237,000 to jumpstart the plan. The project asked the backers to give at least $10, which would also award them with a certificate and a membership card. The goal of $150,000 was reached and was even surpassed with the help of the pros of the crowdfunding marketing agency.

If that is not enough to convince you, the company’s Vice President Mark Campbell was recently invited to a popular podcast where he discussed and provided tips on how to know whether or not a product is suitable for crowdfunding.

How to Get Started

If you have come up with an idea or you want to pitch a product, this company can help you bring it to life. Getting started is easy and with an 86% success rate, you know you cannot go wrong when you trust this firm. Once they know if your idea is applicable to their crowdfunding program, they have a team of experts who will plan everything out with you, including marketing budgets and your business goals. Then, these pros will generate a thrilling introduction for your idea, and then they start viral social media campaigns, including Facebook ads.