3 Facts About Digital Entrepreneur Arshad Madhani

arshad madhani 3 fast facts

Digital Marketing Expert, Arshad Madhani is a natural born consultant. His clients benefit from his ambition. Madhani has clients who’ve seen lead generations double shortly after he joined the team. He works with organizations to root out problems to create more utility. Madhani’s excitement for his industry as a professional and his dedication to clients leave him a star among his peers, a true up and comer in the digital marketing industry.

1. He Has His MBA

Arshad Madhani received his MBA from Texas A&M. With over a decade of experience, his expertise as a digital marketing consultant is valued by clients from across the globe. Madhani has youthful ambition, knowledgeable experience, and the energy to make the impossible become possible. His vision and skills have executives from across the globe seeking him out for expert consultation on some of their largest projects.

Madhani shared his journey to becoming a successful digital marketing expert and entrepreneur with readers in an interview with Inspirey. In the interview, he mentioned that he has always been inspired by marketing. As a child, he would create projects and try to come up with different angles to sell the projects. It was in college that he saw marketing as a successful avenue for his career. What really drew him in in college was the fact the industry was a fast-moving industry, that was always changing, which for his go-getter personality, made sense.

2. He is An Avid Reader and Podcast Listener

Arshad Madhani is an avid reader who values good podcasts. In his interview with Inspirey, Madhani shared that his favorite book is The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry. He mentioned that the book is great for those both in and out of business.

Madhani also mentioned in his interview with Five Hundo, that his favorite podcasts include both the Innovation Ecosystem and Call to Action. He stated that both podcasts provide conversations with the guest who have different viewpoints, which he finds helpful. He often listens to these podcasts when he is out riding his bike.

3. He Hopes to Inspire Other Young Entrepreneurs

Madhani hopes to inspire other young entrepreneurs in their pursuits. He recently shared his advice for young entrepreneurs on the site, YoungUpstarts.com. In the post, he shared the importance of finding a reliable mentor. He stated that young entrepreneurs can learn from their mentor’s mistakes and use the mentor to network and grow their business. He also stated that having a mentor as a trusted advisor is great for when the time comes for them to “pay it forward” to other young entrepreneurs.

He also stated that that upon starting out it is important to keep it simple. He stated that is better to do one thing very well, than several things very poorly. Lastly, he mentioned that is important to stay focused. When starting out entrepreneurs should focus on what they do well and build a name for themselves in the marketplace that way. When they do decide to expand, the expansion should be a logical extension of what they already do.

Connect with Arshad Madhani

Arshad Madhani loves to share his digital marketing and entrepreneurial insights on his blog. Some of his most recent posts include “4 Ways to Build a Better Social Profile”, “The Top Marketing Tools You Should be Using in 2018”, and “How to Grow Your Small Business”. You can also follow Arshad on Facebook and Twitter to get more marketing and entrepreneurial tips and trick.