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Tips To Help You If You Have Lost Your Social Security Card


If you have lost your Social Security card recently and are confused about your next step, just read this guide to know what to do.

Losing your card can be a reason for concern, as it contains sensitive personal details, which makes it important to act fast.

As your Social Security Number or SSN remained unchanged, it is imperative to get a new card through an agent who would help by guiding you through the SS-5 application form filling up along with the submission of the required documents with updated information.

Availing the services of an authorized Social Security card agent will help you stay out of the stress involved in waiting in lines or filling up your details in the application form.

File For New Social Security Card Online

When you have lost your Social Security card, you can apply for a replacement online. But, only if you can meet a few specific requirements. Getting your SS card can be a tedious process, but it can be a simpler task if you check the link at where the filing specialists will enter all the details in the SS-5 application on your behalf. The experts at the agency make sure that the documents you provide are updated. Also, they are verifying your identity, age, and citizenship.

Documents To Prove Identity And Authorization Status

Before applying for a new Social Security card, you should have documents that prove who you are, and to help them know about your birth date, place of birth, your authorization status, and citizenship proof. You must have a State ID card, driver’s license, or passport of the respective country where you live. If such documents are not available, then you can produce identity documents like:

  • military ID,
  • health insurance,
  • life insurance policy,
  • certified academic or medical records,
  • Certificate of citizenship, or
  • Certificate of naturalization.

If you are a legal immigrant or citizen of the country, then you should prove your current legal status. This proves are the basis to get your replacement Social Security card. If you are not a citizen, then you will be asked to provide a DHS work permit, authorization card for employment, or green card.

social security card

Protecting Your Identity

To make sure that identity thieves do not use your Social Security card for illegal activities, it is important to perform these preventive measures. Have an enrolment at the identity theft monitoring program to help guard against your identity theft.

You can also notify your banks and other financial institutions. So, you will request them to issue new account numbers for your bank accounts, credit, or debit cards. Keep track of your bank accounts or create fresh accounts after closing down your previous account.  You should also report a fraud alert with the Federal Trade Commission. In such a way you can make a special request to get access to a free credit report.

When you have lost the card, make sure that you don’t wait until the situation is addressed. Apply for the Social Security card as soon as you have lost it, as losing it is very risky.

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