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Highly Effective Ways to Increase Your Reach On Instagram

instagram stories

You can certainly create an Instagram page, add some content, and hope for others to notice and follow it. However, the things are not as simple as they look because the competition is fierce. There are so many people with their Instagram pages ready to take things further to win new followers. In this situation, you need to employ new strategies to help win some viewership.

A simple and effective way to make your presence felt in the world of Instagram is to buy some likes and followers from a website like Gram Blast, which is the best in the business. You may be thinking that buying likes is not a good practice, but it does not hurt when you know you are dealing with an authentic service provider.  At the same time, you can focus on your content and ways to make your Instagram look special, and everything else will fall into place. Here are some ways to get new followers:

Run An Instagram Stories Q&A

Instagram stories is an amazing Instagram feature that helps you to be present in the newsfeed of your followers. To make the most of this feature, you must introduce some unique ideas. You can host a question-answer series on Instagram stories.

You can post a question every day or on specific days of the week in Instagram stories and inform your followers about the answer posting time. This will engage your followers, and they will more likely come back to check the correct answers. Here you should be punctual with the timings of your post o else you will lose the interest of your viewers.

The questions should be relevant to your brand theme and must be designed in a way that it supports your business objective and promote its goals. Your main aim of posting question and answers should be your marketing goals along with increasing engagement of your followers on your profile.


The central theme or idea of your question-answer session is of utmost importance. Keep the topic relevant with your profile but broaden its spectrum. Don’t just emphasis on your brand but also focus on the latest happenings in the industry or some questions related to different Instagram features.

Host A Takeover With The Instagram Stories Question Sticker

Instagram stories takeover is an easier and fastest way of increasing the number of followers on your Instagram profile. You can temporarily involve a brand or person to answer questions related to your brand. This temporary takeover will get the people to know about your brand from a different perspective. Uniquely promote your brand by using a question sticker to host a takeover with Instagram stories.

Use Question Stickers To Ask Your Followers For Feedback

You can use Instagram stories question sticker for taking feedback about your products or services directly from your customers. Their feedback will help you in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. Interact with your followers and ask them about their suggestions for improving your products and note down their future expectations for your brand. You can refer to these feedbacks while making new strategies and plans for your business or when introducing a new product.

Collect Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions from the clients are often quite important, but at the same time, they are annoying when you have to answer them again and again. To save yourself from the repeated queries it is better to make a list of FAQs related to your business policies and other information like the shipment details, return and exchange policy, and after sale customer care services. You can add this list in your Instagram stories. This will let your new viewers know about the details of your services and refresh the information for the existing followers.

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Start A Conversation With Your Followers

Instagram stories question stickers are a great source for business owners to interact with their followers. Interaction and casual conversation with the people will create a bond between you and your customers, and you will get a chance to know your customers better.

Use The Instagram Stories Question Sticker To Show Off Your Expertise

Your followers mostly include people who are unaware of you as a person and are rarely informed about the level of your expertise. It is necessary to show off your skills to prove your worth. You can initiate an Instagram stories question sticker relevant to your service and generously provide free advice to your followers. This way new followers and viewers will get a chance to know about your professional experience and expertise

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