Casting Your Net Wide: 3 Unexpected Venues Where a Potential Employer Might Be Waiting for You

Just because some people proclaim that the economy is in excellent shape right now does not mean that you necessarily feel that on a personal level. There are plenty of people who are still struggling a lot to find work that suits their needs.

Although many are employed, there are some who still are not, and there are many others who would like to work more hours or for higher pay than what they receive now. We want to look at some of the unturned rocks that may be your ticket to finding a job.

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Your University Alumni Association

You might be of the impression that the alumni association from your university only exists to send you annoying mailers every so often asking you to send in a donation to the university (as if you didn’t already spend enough on tuition there!).

However, they are actually a great resource for helping you to find work after you leave college. The main reason is that the university has a reputation to uphold for itself, and they want to see as many of their students as possible finding work after they leave the university. That reflects well on the school, and that in turn means that more people will come and pay the tuition to attend.

Since you have already put so much money into the school, you might as well at least get some of your money’s worth back in the form of help from something like the alumni association.

Industry Specific Online Job Boards And Apps

You can find jobs on the Internet these days via popular online job boards. There are many great job sites that offer new listings almost every day. If you are going to use these, you will want to make sure that your resume is in tip-top shape. Many people go to job boards to find a job these days, and that means that you have to really stand out. You might be able to land a job using this resume builder if you want to.

There are a lot of industry-specific apps and job boards opening up each and every day on the Internet anymore. This is large because the people have been demanding this. They want the ability to find jobs online, but they want to be able to find jobs specific to the kind of work they want to do.

Thus, apps and communities have formed around certain industries to help connect those looking for work with those who need jobs done. Sometimes the work is just on a contract basis, but there are other more long-term positions available as well.

Social Media

It has come to the point now where we can sometimes find our next job on social media. This may seem like a given to some people these days now that we do so much on social media in the first place, but it was not always something that was guaranteed to happen.

The truth is, much thought that social media was far too unprofessional at the beginning for something like this to ever be possible. That is just not the case anymore, and we now know that social media is where we can even find a job in some cases.

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