Finding User-Generated Content on Instagram

user-generated content on instagram

You can only hope for your Instagram page to do well if you do nothing to take advantage of new tricks and tricks used to boost engagement and visibility. With millions of users exploring the platform, it is possible to harness the power of user-generated content and use it in your favor.

Of course, you need to proceed carefully and know what will or will not work for your social media page.  That leads people to a serious problem: where should you go to find the most appropriate user-generated content on Instagram?

You can find user-generated content on Instagram for a particular brand that can be easily searched under the brand hashtag. Simply type your brand name or any particular hashtag associated solely with your brand in the search tab, and you will get a list of all the posts and stories posted by your customers. Filter out the relevant posts and feature them on your wall.

Instagram stories automatically get removed after 24 hours, so it’s better to share them immediately or your Instagram account, or you are more likely to miss it.

It is important to be vigilant about the customers` posts and frequently check out for user-generated content for your brand. Doing so will help you increase credibility and get content that is supposed to help you with likes and followers.

Encouraging User-Generated Content on Instagram

You might have very few or no posts by your customers if you are an emerging brand, but you can always encourage your customers to post one.

There are several ways of generating user-generated content on Instagram. The best and most straightforward way of getting them is to ask for it. Request your customers to leave feedback about their experience with your product with their photos or videos.

You can also host a UGC contest to motivate your followers and to get an ample amount of UGC posts.

Select an appropriate hashtag when you plan to host a UGC contest. This hashtag will help you in managing your contest posts and will assist you in keeping track of it. You can opt for your brand name hashtag #brandname or create a unique hashtag solely for contest #brandnamecontest.

After deciding upon a hashtag, feature this hashtag on all your social media platforms, websites, and flyers. Repeatedly communicate the correct hashtags to your followers before and during the contest so that you don`t miss any posts.

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Depending on your brand theme and budget, you can opt for other ways of generating UGC, but Instagram contests are the best way of getting many UGC posts. The Instagram contest encourages existing viewers to post their photos and videos and motivates other followers to purchase and experience the products.

During the Instagram UGC contest, the users get more creative in uploading their content to stand out from the crowd and win the prize. The prize incentive encourages more users to take part in the contest and thus helps you in generating content.

You have to be vigilant during the contest and closely observe and monitor all the posts under your hashtags. Delete the ones with inappropriate content, as it can damage your brand image. Make sure you don’t miss out on any posts, or you will demotivate your fans and followers.

The prize holds great importance in a contest. You must choose your prize wisely in a way that attracts people to take part in the contest. If your prize coordinates with the theme of your brand, it will be even better and more effective. The prize may not be expensive, but it must be valuable for your customers.

Recognition is the best reward you can give to your loyal customers. Appreciate each post of the contest and feature the best posts on your Instagram account as well as on other social media platforms. Your recognition will increase the value of your brand among your followers. Once the contest is over, announce the winner with full protocol.

After the contest, you can use this content for your marketing purpose. You will end up having an ample number of UGC posts to keep posting at regular intervals, and that too without much effort and investment.