What an Entrepreneur and Spiderman Have in Common?

Spiderman is a type of superhero that has incredible power aimed at creating benefits to the community. An entrepreneur is also a powerful person that creates benefits for the community. Entrepreneurs make innovation, build and deliver value, create jobs, fulfill different needs, make something from nothing… All of this is beneficial for the community where operates an entrepreneur.

Before some period of time, I was forced by my five-year-old son to watch all of the movies about Spiderman.

What an Entrepreneur and Spiderman Have in Common

Watching the movies I ask myself what these two persons has in common, or something that will be helpful for entrepreneurs?

1. With big power come more responsibility

How much more power you have, your responsibility will be much bigger. With increasing your power you will increase your responsibility.

2. Focus on something worth focusing if you like to succeed.

Business success is based on an appropriate entrepreneurial focus to make the right things. If you lose your focus, the probability of success will be on a low level.

3. You cannot  be everywhere

Something related to the previous focus is that you cannot be everywhere. The best description for this statement is given by the quote from Bill Cosby:

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

Bill Crosby

4. One moment sometimes can change your whole destiny

Sometimes one moment, one decision or one action step can change your whole destiny and your whole personal or business life. Be careful about the decisions that you make. Everything is counting.

5. Always choose the right side.

What is the direction that you choose for your business? Is it the right direction that will guarantee success? I know that we always have different directions from which we must choose. However, only one or few is the right for our business success.

Dragan Sutevski

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