The Review of Word Press Greet Box Plugin

I find an interesting Word Press plugin called Word Press Greet Box. All bloggers use different ways to get traffic to their blogs. One of the possibilities for permanently getting enough traffic to your blog is when visitors subscribe to your blog RSS feed. RSS feed enables readers to stay connected and view your content through other channels like feed readers, email, and mobile phones.

An RSS feed can be an important source of the traffic to your business blog and you need to promote your feed to pick up as many as possible people to subscribe. RSS subscribers are the best types of blog readers because they are loyal and constantly come back for extra posts.

However, besides RSS Feed there are also several social networks that your visitors use and can share different information and links including your business blog posts. These social networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon… Тhere are infinity possibilities for all businesses.

After researching on the internet, I find some great Word Press plugin that can automatically generate traffic from your existing visitors with just one click from your post. The name of this plugin is WP Greet Box.

WP Greet Box is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display different greeting messages to your new or existing visitors. But, what is most important, this plugin is an intelligent plugin that recognizes the visitors of your blog from where they are coming and show a custom message to them. These messages can be messages that ask your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed or to share the blog post through their social network. For example, if your visitors come from Google’s search, then the plugin shows the message before, or after the post that will ask something like this:


Furthermore, they can click on “see posts relating to your search” and the plugin will show posts that are related to visitors’ search. 


However, if visitors come from Digg the messages will be different. Something likes this:


What does Greeting Box do for you?

As you can see, WP Greeting Box is a very intelligent Word Press plugin. It will give you great power to attract new visitors and will increase the social character of your business blog post, making it more viral. I want to note some of the remarkable things that this plugin can accomplish for you:

  • The plugin will show different greeting messages to your visitor depending on the referrer URL.
  • You can easily personalize your messages for each referring URL. This means that you can use messages with a different language than installed by default.
  • You can choose where you want to display the message – before or after blog posts.
  • Your blog post can be shared easily on the biggest social networks only with one click from your visitors. This is so powerful in bringing fresh traffic to your blog. Just imagine how powerful is this viral effect from every visitor that comes to your site.
  • This plugin has the great possibility to add additional referrer URLs and customize the messages that visitors will see when coming from that URL.

Another great possibility of this plugin is that it will show a default message when visitors come from some different URL that you don’t have configured as a referrer URL. In this way, you can take the chance for an RSS subscription for all visitors.

As last feature, but not the least important is the ability to keep displaying the greeting message until once the visitor clicks the close message and after that, the messages from this plugin for this visit will not show again. In this way, visitors can decide that don’t want to see that message on the pages, and you disturb them anymore.

As you can see this plugin is similar to the WWSGD plugin that shows only one message and doesn’t track from where visitors are coming.

However, one thing that I recognize as a failure of this plugin is that messages appear only on the posts. If visitors come from somewhere on your other pages, they will not see the message from this plugin. That is not the case with WWSGDplugin which messages can be seen on the posts and on pages.

You can try this amazing plugin from the official Word Press Plugin Directory.

Dragan Sutevski

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