Forward Thinking – How SEO is Looking to Change

2019 is set to be an exciting year for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With more content and competitors on the web, the factors that influence search algorithms are increasingly becoming more complex. With exciting new technologies and methodology, search engines have been able to steadily improve the quality of their search results. These improvements are set to continue in 2019.

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With the increased prevalence of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, voice control, and mobile dependence, 2019 is going to be a big year from the growth of SEO optimization. Before you partner with an SEO Agency for your business, it is important to ensure that they are forward-thinking and ready to tackle the exciting advancements in SEO optimization. Read on to find the latest trends and game-changing technology, that will influence SEO in the year 2019.

Voice identification software is the newest wave in a suite of user-friendly technology developments, aimed at providing users with convenient and hassle-free usage. Voice assistants such as Siri and Alex, have led the charge in expanding our ability to acquire information.

Typing questions online is now not our only option for quick answers, with voice assistants becoming the preferred choice for many online users.  In fact, it is estimated that by 2020, voice search will account for approximately 50% of total searches.

The rise of voice assistants will necessitate significant changes to SEO optimization in 2019.

This is because voice searches dramatically change the way consumers search on the web.

Content and keywords will now need to be structured for people using voice searches, which will, therefore, be much more conversational in nature than traditional searching trends.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already had a significant impact on how major search engines rank websites. In fact, Google now uses AI to mimic human behavior on these sites. By using artificial intelligence to replicate human engagement on various pages, Google obtains valuable data about how user-friendly each website is.

Google and other major search engines that utilize AI for the same function, then reward sites that demonstrate high levels of usability, by bumping them up the search engines rankings. Artificial intelligence is, therefore, set to change SEO in 2019, by shifting the focus back onto user behavior.

Paid Channels

SEO experts anticipate that major search engines, including Google, will continue depleting the space available for organic listings, in favor of paid search ads. In 2018, most major search engines continued to add more space for paid ads, pushing organic listings further and further down. Experts, therefore, suggest that SEO marketers will be forced to work even harder, to ensure that their organic listings reach the top three positions. It will also force marketers to expand their marketing tactics to include a combination of local SEO and paid searches. Otherwise, your content risks being hidden beneath the new wave of paid advertisements.

Mobile Dominance

Over half of all searches are now conducted from mobile phones. SEO experts predict that the dominance of mobile searches will continue in 2019, and influence the way content is delivered. In 2018 Google released a new indexing update to prioritize the mobile user experience in their organic search listings.

Google has also recently announced that Google AdWords will be able to check the mobile-friendliness of landing pages. It is expected that other major search engines will release their own similar updates in 2019. This means that in order to reach the top of organic listings, all website content will need to be optimized for mobile use.


The move to the AI sector, voice search, and mobile dominance are all exciting trends in SEO optimization that are set to continue. Anyone hoping to master the science of SEO needs to pay attention to these trends and ensure that their content and strategies are ready for the challenges and opportunities of 2019.

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