3 Tips on Handling a Growing Website or Blog

As a mom who has a home-based online business — albeit an e-commerce site or blog — you’re likely proud of the fact that you’ve found a way to generate income while working around your kids’ schedules. You thought long and hard about what type of website to launch, and you’ve put plenty of proverbial blood, sweat, and tears into making it successful.

In fact, your blog or online company is now so busy that you’re finding it hard to keep up and meet your audience’s demand. Of course, you want to keep at it and don’t want to turn away customers or discourage traffic. But, as a one-woman band, your business has outgrown what you can reasonably accomplish.

No worries, successful WAHM. By considering the following tips, you should be able to handle and enjoy the wild success of your website without working 24/7:

1. Use Cloud Call Center Software

Whether you have a mommy blog that gets a number of comments every day via social media or your e-commerce site has finally taken off and is generating a ton of business, you’ll definitely need a more hands-on deck to assist you in responding to your readers and customers.

One way to help streamline your blossoming business while keeping your fans and customers happy is through call center software cloud solutions. In fact, cloud-based call center platforms often feature interactive voice response (IVR) to help you simplify and enhance the customer experience.

Moreover, a cloud-based IVR can quickly provide answers to customer questions, as well as handle inbound and outbound calls. By turning over some of your workloads to the cloud, you can continue to focus on what you love doing most: writing new, inspiring blog posts and/or enhancing your product line.

2. Hire Temps or Freelance Employees

In addition to assistance from the cloud, you may need a few more actual people in your workspace to help you get a handle on your growing business. But rather than hire a number of permanent employees, look into using temps and freelancers for a short or extended period of time particularly during the holiday season. This way, you’re not only getting some much-needed assistance, but you’ll also be able to better gauge how many people to hire on a long-term basis.

Additionally, while you might be tempted to hire friends or family members, experts strongly caution against it. Granted, you already know your sister-in-law and think you know her work ethic, but it’s possible she might take advantage of the situation by constantly showing up late or derelict her duties.

3. Find a Larger Working Space

To handle the growth of your e-commerce site, you may need to secure a bigger facility to house your inventory and allow your employees to work. Look for landlords who are willing to rent you space on a short-term basis — six to 12 months is ideal — rather than signing a long-term lease. This way, if you find your growth is merely temporary, you won’t be committed to paying for a huge office space in which you no longer need.

Congratulations on Your Success — You Deserve It!

Upon starting your online business or blog, you may have hoped to gain a following and earn a small amount of revenue to help pay the bills. But while you may be pleasantly surprised by your unexpected success, don’t let these feelings overwhelm you. By investing in cloud call center software, temporary employees, and/or larger office space, you can better enjoy any success that comes your way and potentially grow your online business even further.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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