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Helpful Information On How To Claim Worker’s Compensation In Rhode Island

worker's compensation

The Rhode Island workers compensation system is designed to compensate injured employees for loss of income and other losses related to an injury sustained at their place of work.

Who is eligible to petition for Worker’s Compensation?

If you sustained an injury while performing your work duties, you are eligible to claim worker’s compensation. Most Companies in Rhode Island have got their employees covered except for a few exceptions.

Will the circumstances determine whether I’ll receive compensation or not?

You are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits irrespective of who’s at fault. This means that even if your Employer didn’t do anything wrong and you have made a mistake that contributed to your accident, you’ll still be able to claim. However, there might be narrow exceptions such as:

  • Intentional causing harm to yourself
  • You were impaired while performing your duties due to drug or alcohol abuse

Common types of accidents and injuries at the workplace

  • Slips and falls
  • Sprains and strains
  • Amputation of digits or limbs
  • Allergic reactions
  • Repetitive motion ailments

The four most common incidents leading to death include falls, electrocution, caught-in-between parts of machinery or equipment and being struck by an object.

Is the worker’s compensation system a trusted one and will I be compensated?

The Road Island Worker’s compensation system is a no-fault system. The worker needs to prove that he’s injury was sustained while he was performing his work duties. The process relating to putting in a claim for worker’s compensation can be difficult and complicated. Therefore, when injured in Warwick, Rhode Island firms that specializes in personal injury cases are skilled professionals that can assist you with petitioning for worker’s compensation.

There are some risks involved in the process. For instance, your employer might argue that your medical problems are pre-existing and that you were not injured at work. This can complicate the claim and prevent or slow down your receipt of replacement income while the case is pending. A qualified lawyer can help you avoid the pitfalls and make sure that you receive all possible benefits due to the law and the Rhode Island worker’s compensation system.

What Compensation Will I Be Eligible For?

worker compensation

If the employee was injured at his place of work, he or she can receive benefits that cover:

  • Percentage of loss of wages
  • The full cost of treatment
  • Other payments associated in the event of disfigurement and/or loss of function of a body part

What Are The Safety Violations By Employers?

The most common safety violations include:

  • Fall protection violations
  • Hazard communication standards in general industry
  • Scaffolding violations
  • Electrical wiring methods
  • Machinery and protective machine guards that are defective
  • Faulty design of electrical systems
  • Offenses related to ladders

What Are The Steps For Filing A Worker’s Compensation Claim?

The worker must report the injury or illness directly to the employer. He is responsible for filing a claim with the company’s Worker’s compensation insurance carrier. The worker must obtain medical care but must mention to the doctor that the injury was sustained at work so that it can be mentioned in the medical file.

The employer is required under the state of law to file a “First Report of injury” within ten days from when he was notified of the injury or illness. In cases where the injuries were fatal, he has only 48 hours to file the claim.

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