Tips for Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing is a valuable tool in any business’s arsenal. The premise behind it is very simple. You write engaging content that your audience loves. This directs them to your website/online store and they become loyal fans/customers. But whilst it’s apparent that content marketing can work amazingly well when done right, you need to stay up-to-date with current thinking if you want your future efforts to be successful.

Is Content Marketing Still Relevant?

Yes, it is. In fact, content marketing is even more important these days. With such a vast amount of material online, anything you can do to differentiate your business from another is crucial for long-term success.

Companies and brands everywhere are doing everything in their power to persuade you, the customer, to engage with them. Online advertising is pernicious and irritating, which is why ad blockers are increasingly used. Social media is useful, but many people ignore the clamour of social media marketing.

Create Valuable Content

Content marketing ticks all the boxes in other ways. Customers like anything that’s useful to them. They are not interested in reading endless social media posts or filling out online surveys in return for a discount they might never use. They would much rather read content that educates and informs them. For this reason, every site should have a blog.

This is where content marketing comes in. If you want to build your brand in 2019, focus on creating content that offers great value. It can either be useful or informative in the sense that it offers a tutorial or answers questions, or it can be entertaining. Both types of content offer value.

Content doesn’t need to be text-based. Video content is equally powerful. People are increasingly choosing to watch videos rather than read a blog post, so you may find it more effective to produce videos rather than write blogs. Recent research indicates that 85% of US internet traffic is video-related, so it is clear video content is the future.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to produce a video. Keep it simple and entertaining. You can create videos using smartphones if that’s all you have available. Edit them using online tools and upload to a branded YouTube channel.

Pay Close Attention to Google

Google is still the King of the Search Engines and nothing will change on that score in 2019. Your content marketing strategy won’t work if you defy Google’s guidelines. It is important that you invest in SEO to make sure that any content you produce finds an audience. There is little point writing fabulous content if Google buries it on page 999.

Pay close attention to keywords and invest in good quality content. Long-form content is proving to be more successful these days, but keep an eye on Google guidelines, and if they release any new updates to their search algorithms, be aware that you may need to make changes to your strategy.

Create a Hub for Your Content

Guest posting is useful for building links back to your website, but it’s better to create a hub of valuable content for your customers. This is where a blog comes in. Use your blog as a focal point for your content marketing strategy. Focus on creating keyword rich evergreen content that remains valuable year after year. Promote new content via your social media channels and make sure you have plenty of internal links.

Encourage readers to subscribe to new content and include links to any products and services you sell in that content.

Formulate a content marketing strategy and continually try new things. That way, you can avoid being left eating the dust of your competition.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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