4 Creative Ways to Market Your Small Business Offline

market your small business offline

Although you understand just how important online marketing is for a business of any size, it is even more so for small businesses seeking a larger customer base. Still offline marketing can help you get targeted customers.

The fact remains that more people search online for local businesses than ever before, which has made those once all-important hardcopy yellow pages all but obsolete. If you are looking to promote your business online and searching for affordable search engine optimization services in UK, always make sure you are paying for top-quality work.

However, when reaching out to expand a local market, there are a number of ways you can use offline marketing effectively. Here are four creative ways to market your small business offline.

1. Don’t Forget the Power of Print

The very best tip you can be given when seeking ways to effectively use offline marketing is to remember that print media is going to be your BFF if used creatively. Of course, you know that you should drop business cards literally anywhere and everywhere you can imagine.

From leaving a business card holder in the local Chinese restaurant to handing them out at the grocery store, the pharmacy and even at your doctor’s office, you are giving them something tangible to remember you by – building brand at its very best.

2. Along Those Lines – Tangible Giveaways

Yes, it is nice to give freebies of items you have in stock, but those may not be the brand-building key you are looking for. How many times did you get a trinket at some workshop or networking event but for the life of you, you can’t remember what company was passing them out? Why not promote your business with lapel pins? Just make sure to have them professionally fashioned so that people will want to wear them!

While this might not be the perfect example, you’ll see just how important lapel pins can be in marketing your small business. Think back to all the controversy surrounding politicians who made a statement by refusing to wear those American flag lapel pins! Wouldn’t you like to be a manufacturer who all of a sudden got orders for millions of those little lapel pins? Believe it or not, a creatively designed lapel pin can be one of your easiest ways to promote a brand in a local market!

3. Attend Networking Events and Trade Shows for Offline Marketing

Another way to use offline marketing is by attending networking events and trade shows. With those business cards and lapel pins in hand, don’t forget to physically attend every networking event and trade show you can find that has anything whatsoever to do with your industry. You can meet hundreds of people, shake their hands, give them a reminder of your conversation, and when it comes time for them to need what you are selling, you will be a face to remember.

Again, it might be the best expense you can ever justify hiring a graphic artist to design everything in print or those lapel pins. You want to hand out something which people will want to keep or wear, as the case may be.

4. Branded Packaging and Merchandise

Remember that graphic artist mentioned above? This is another job to pass on to that amazingly talented individual or team. If you sell physical products which need to be packaged, don’t ever underestimate the power of branded packaging as a marketing strategy. If you want to be remembered, going above and beyond in packaging design will certainly make an impact. Finally, no matter what goods you sell, at least offer a small line that is branded. Your company name and/or logo should be imprinted on those items so that every time they are used or worn your company comes to mind.

You are, after all, looking for creative ways to use offline marketing for your small business, and what better way could there be than to build a brand through the creative use of your company’s logo? It’s amazing just how effective these seemingly little things can be, but once you’ve tried any one of these offline marketing strategies, you’ll understand the wisdom in combining online and offline marketing strategies for optimal results.