Link Building Tips for Startups

link building tips

If you or your company recently launched a new website, it can be an extremely daunting challenge to figure out how to properly rank your website for specific keyword strings in the leading search engines.

In the article below we’ll walk you through some tried and tested strategies that will help rank your website for desired keywords, which will, in turn, bring much more search engine traffic into your website and ultimately help your business grow.

If you have never heard of link building, it is the practice of placing a link to your website on another third party website, social media account, forum, or other code-based online entity. The more websites that publish or possess a hyperlink directing back to your website, the better your website will rank in all of the major search engines.

The primary signal that search engines look for when determining how to rank a website for a given keyword or string of keywords, is what is called backlinks. Backlinks refer to the total number of offsite links there are across the internet that link back to your website. The more backlinks pointing to your website, the stronger your search engine ranking will become.

You only want high-quality websites linking to your website if you’re interested in building a strong search engine ranking. The more prominent or popular the website that links to your website, the more powerful that individual link is.

In addition to needing links pointing to your website from popular websites, you also want websites to link to your website that shares similar content. This is known as relevant linking. If a website related to your website by way of sharing similar content overlaps, links to you, this tells the search engine algorithms that your website must be a popular or credible source of information on that particular content subject.

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The best way to rank for a certain keyword string within a search engine is first to have content on your website related to that specific subject matter. Once you have relevant content, you will then want to try and lure other websites into not just linking to your website from theirs, but to link to your website using a specific keyword string in the hyperlink text. The hyperlink text will tell the search engine algorithms that the keyword string relates to your website, thus giving your site a stronger ranking for that hyperlinked text. The more backlinks you are receiving using that hyperlinked text, the stronger your ranking will become for that specific keyword or keyword string.

Many businesses new to online marketing and search engine optimization are better served by hiring a link building company to build backlinks for them, rather than attempting to do this themselves.

Link building companies such as PureLinq, of their PureLinq solution where they have access to a huge database of high quality and authority backlinks, ensuring that they can supply your website with the ranking boost it needs to get more search traffic. Backlink building companies like PureLinq take a lot of the stress out of marketing a website. Hiring a company to build links for you gives you much more time to focus on developing your website content and its features.