To-Do Lists or Whatever You Have!

to do list (to-do list)

I like to be more productive, more efficient, more effective and to do more things in a shorter period of time. This challenge is not simple to be done.

One of the biggest entrepreneurial challenges is to do more things in a shorter period of time. To be more productive. To be more efficient.

One of the tools used for this purpose is the To-Do list.

I like To-Do lists because they make me stay on top of my most important everyday tasks.

I like To-Do lists because they make me think about priority in my daily activities.

Some entrepreneurs use simple pen and paper to manage their daily tasks. This is an old-school technique but yet very useful for old-school entrepreneurs.

Simply, they make a list with daily activities and mark them as finished when they are finished.

Each day, there is a new page with new tasks, or sometimes unfinished tasks are simply transferred to another day. A simple, but productive way to organize yourself.

I personally use an application named Things for iPhone and iPad. This tool gives me the possibility to organize my daily activities in the form of projects.

One cool thing that I like about this application is that it is integrated with some other applications. These integrations really make my life easier.

For example, I can add activities in the Things from Instapaper application, where I put everything that I need to read later.

Things To-Do List
Things App – To-Do Lists on iPad

Other entrepreneurs prefer to use Google Calendar as a tool for their To-Do lists. The tool is integrated with your Gmail Account and can be integrated with your mobile phone to send you SMS messages about your daily activities.

Google Calendar as To-Do List
Google Calendar to Manage Daily Activities

Some entrepreneurs can use online stickers to organize themselves. The tool can be used from iPhone & iPad. For each task in the form of a sticky note, you can receive a daily email to stay on top of your daily activities. With this application, you can take a note or delegate a task to yourself or your team members immediately, wherever you are.

It is not important what you have or what you use. Becoming more productive, efficient, and effective in finishing your daily activities is important.