5 Project Management Tools That Will Supercharge Your Small Business

5 Project Management Tools That Will Supercharge Your Small Business

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. You’re juggling tasks and to-do lists so often that it’s hard even to know what your biggest focus is at any moment. Whether your business is small or large, who wouldn’t want to do more every day? So, you need specific project management tools that will help you in doing the everyday job.

The right project management tools will set your business up for success. The past methods for staying on top of projects, clients, and more no longer cuts it today. You need the right technology tools that help spot errors, promote collaboration, and keep you on track without costing a fortune. According to PMI, only 56% of businesses report their projects met their original goals. It’s time to cut through the daily noise and get more done.

1. Project Central as a Project Management Tool

ProjectCentral.com is designed specifically for businesses using Office 365. While many businesses are using other types of cloud services like Google Drive, Office 365 still plays a large role in many day-to-day business functions. With Project Central, you can easily monitor the status of the big picture and small picture projects.

Project Central is designed around visual cards and dashboards so you can see your progress from your entire team all in one place. Share information across your team and keep your clients up-to-date with real-time results. It’s all in one place so that you can do more with less stress.

project central

2. Trello

Another visual project management tool is Trello. Trello is based on the power of collaboration, and it’s free to use for all members of your team. The platform is simple. You add lists, cards, and more to visual boards which are organized by priority. You can integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox for easy project sharing.

Trello is a unique approach to project management that’s ideal for visual collaborators. There’s also a mobile app for on-the-go updates. Big companies like National Geographic, Kickstarter, and Adobe all use Trello to accomplish more.

trello project management tool

3. Basecamp as a Project Management Tool

Next, Basecamp consolidates your projects to help you get more done faster. It’s a replacement for your collaboration project management tools, personal calendar, status meetings, and so much more. While it does so many things, it’s most powerful feature is its smart to-do lists. These help you assign tasks to team members, add notes or files, and track work with Hill Charts.

Basecamp also integrates its own message boards so you can keep your team conversations about specific projects all on the same page. That means no more digging through your old emails or trying to figure out the best time to host a meeting. It’s all in one place. Basecamp even comes equipped with file sharing and storage. Once again, it’s all about simplicity.


4. Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints is a project management tool for businesses committed to the Scrum method and philosophy. Under Scrum, teams only focus on one project or product at a time to create faster. It’s an agile project management tool, so you can always deliver the best projects on time.

If you’re thinking of implementing agile for your team, now’s the time with Zoho Sprints. You can easily track progress on your Scrum Board and also log time for billable hours. Because Zoho Sprints is built around analytical tools, there’s always room for feedback and improvement in your organization.

Zoho Sprints for project management

5. Mind Meister

If a formal project management tool isn’t for you, give Mind Meister a try. This tool allows you to be as in-the-moment and creative as you want. It’s a way to build online notes, mind maps, and more. This online mind mapping tool has won numerous awards for it’s editing powers. If you need a collaborative brainstorming session, Mind Meister has it covered.

Bring your mind maps with you thanks to app integration and easy-to-save interfaces. You can even build stunning presentations with their built-in presentation mode. Create dynamic slideshows to reveal your work with your team. It’s free and easy to get started.

Mind Meister

These project management tools above integrate seamlessly into your current system of organizing your business. Whether you have a long list of new projects to start in the next few months or you’re preparing to launch, you need the best technology on your side. Get organized today, all in one place. Welcome the future of project management.

6. PDFSimpli

PDFSimpli is a project management tool that allows you to convert and edit any document easily. This is particularly useful for teams and business professionals who need to share & edit various file types. Whether it’s for a sales contract, a presentation, or something else, a PDF editor, this is a useful tool to have in your business arsenal.

Bonus Tool: Every project manager needs a screenshot and annotation tool in their toolbox — give Markup Hero a try!