Energized Employees – 5 Tips to Boost Staff Engagement and Productivity

It’s no secret that happy staff are more motivated and produce better quality work than their apathetic counterparts.

Promoting a positive work environment is not a simple service you can hire, it’s an ongoing commitment, and it starts with your recognition of each and every staff member’s unique value. You don’t need to spend a fortune to boost morale, a few mindful gestures and employee incentives can work wonders. Here are five tips worth considering.


Say Thank You With a Gift

Show your team you care by handing out branded corporate gifts to celebrate their milestones or boost morale during holiday periods or special events. From personalized glass coffee cups and wine accessories, confectionary packs to stationery sets; a practical gift will positively reflect your professional image and is sure to be appreciated by your staff.

Treat Your Team to Lunch

You don’t need to make the biggest, grandest gestures to uplift your team and set a positive mood for the day. Something as simple as a catered staff lunch in the office, or taking your team out to a paid lunch, can be a great way to show your appreciation for their work. Team bonding over a shared meal will not only improve morale for the day but could be a stepping stone to stronger team relations.

Your Personal Acknowledgement

Taking the time to thank an employee for their efforts, person-to-person can really go a long way. Feeling “invisible” or undervalued at work is a common demotivator for employees, regardless of their industry. Even if you know who all your employees are and think highly of them, if your work doesn’t involve much contact or communication or if you rarely address them, they very well might not be aware you even know their name. A personal email, thank you card or a chat in person is an easy way to show your gratitude and let your employees know their hard work does not go unnoticed.

A Fun Team Activity

Reward your team and boost morale with an organized activity. You can use an on or off-site activity as a reward for achieving KPIs and milestones while also boosting the skillset, mental health, and wellbeing of your employees. For example, a mindfulness workshop, team fitness challenge for a charitable cause, or a work petting zoo can be a pleasant way for the team to feel rejuvenated or unwind after high-stress periods of work. A skill-based workshop like a painting session can relax employees while encouraging their use of creativity.

The Gift of Time and Trust

If the work is not highly dependent on location, then offering employee flexibility is an effortless way to show you trust and value them. This could include allowing them a day per week where they can choose to work remotely. Another option is to grant flexibility over their start time, such as allowing an hour period for their starting time as long as they work the same number of hours. This reward is actually win-win because when your hardworking employees work on their own terms, they will choose the times they work best at, which results in a boost in productivity.

Make sure to keep in mind the unique needs of your employees and your type of workplace when implementing any of the above incentives. While you’re waiting for your branded corporate gifts to arrive, or for your team activity date to come, take a moment to talk and personally share your gratitude with your employees, and you can start making a difference as early as today.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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