Stepping Up Your Game: 5 Lead Generation Techniques Every Business Needs to Use

lead generation

When it comes to generating leads, many different business models work best with specific techniques. While some lead generation methods are more efficient for offline businesses, others have better ways of working with online companies.

However, you can use all the lead generation techniques in some way with all types of businesses, with significant results. Here are five of the most efficient lead-generation techniques that you should try with your company.

Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Whether you run an online business or have a brick-and-mortar storefront, content marketing is guaranteed to help you get more leads and sales for your business. Recent statistics shared by WebDAM’s, B2B companies that blog tend to generate 67 percent more leads every month than businesses that don’t participate in some form of content marketing. It is essential that you include SEO keywords in your articles to help you rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Cross Market with Other Businesses

Working with other non-competitive companies can help increase leads for your business. Work with other companies in your niche to run cross-marketing promotions to reach more client’s in the same target market. Look for complementary companies and create cross-marketing advertisements that you can send to both their customers and yours. Joint ventures like these are very efficient and powerful ways to generate more leads because the people you reach are extremely qualified leads that don’t need a lot of convincing to purchase your products or service.

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Social Media

Over the last ten years, various social media networks have become an excellent way for businesses to generate leads and increase sales. The number of worldwide users of social media is expected to reach more than three billion active monthly users by 2021, according to Statista. Social media utilizes word-of-mouth advertising to send information out about your business. One of the easiest ways to generate more leads from social media is through the use of LinkedIn. In fact, a commodity risk management firm managed to create more than $2 million in pipeline value with the help of their social media lead generation strategy.

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SEO Marketing

SEO is an essential channel marketing practice that is often undervalued. Ten years ago, doing a proper keyword search was a sure-fire way to increase your ranking on Google and other search engines. However, it will take more than the right keywords in today’s competitive market to rank higher on search engines. It is essential to remember that your SEO marketing strategy will take time to generate leads. Optimizing your website to generate more leads is a steady process.

Lead Generation Through Email Marketing

Regarding Return on Investment, email marketing is regarded as the best channel for generating more leads. B2B marketing is more about nurturing a relationship than persuading someone to buy your product or service. The key to an effective email marketing campaign is ensuring your emails are personalized and take care of your clients at every stage.

An essential aspect of any business is generating more leads. These five tips will help you improve your lead generation strategy when implemented in your overall marketing strategy.