Improve Online Marketing Efforts With These SEO Tips

SEO is the term used for “Search Engine Optimization” as the system of optimizing the webpage to succeed to achieve a higher position in search engines’ results. So, here I would like to talk about some critical SEO tips you can use to improve your rankings.

Introduction to SEO for your small business

Generally, there are two critical stages when it comes to SEO:

  • On-Page SEO. Here you need to work on things that you can do on your website as title tags, meta tags, keywords, hyperlinks, images, URLs and other technical issues, apart from these you need to take care website speed, you can check webpage speed on Google PageSpeed Insights, Responsive website that must be all device friendly, select a dedicated and secure hosting like HostPresto so that their website will perform very well in the search result.
  • Off-Page SEO. Here are things that will need to come from outside your website has links from other websites and social media, business directories, etc.

If you succeed with the first stage, and you have informative, helpful, and shareable content the goals of the second stage will be easier to achieve.

So, use these SEO tips if you want to make your small business to have a better online presence and bring real customers that will pay for your products and services. If you want to take your skills to the next level, consider taking digital marketing courses taught by experts in the field.

SEO Tip #1: Develop an Online Strategy for Your Business

An online strategy will be the basis for all that you will continue to do for the online presence of your business. This strategy will answer what you want to achieve with a website, blog, social networks …? What will you use? How will you use different marketing tools? What do you want to accomplish with each of the marketing tools that you will use?

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SEO Tip #2: Your chosen keywords are essential for your small business

Keywords for which your webpage will rank on search engines is vital for your small business. Choosing the right keywords is part of your job when you want to improve your SEO efforts. But, this process is much more complicated than we can imagine.

Yes, choosing the right keywords is the strategic concept of your online business presence. For example, there is a substantial and conceptual difference between the following words:

  • Toys
  • Toys – Ball
  • Bakugan Ball
  • Price of Bakugan Ball
  • Buy Bakugan Ball
  • Bakugan Tournament

All words are intended for a business – a business with toys for kids. But all words are different and show the different intent of the searcher. In the first case, someone may want to see what kind of toys exist. In the second case, the individual search a ball as a toy. The third is a specific toy – a Bakugan toy. The fourth and fifth phrase is a potential customer because it requires information about the price of the product and, of course, places where he can buy the Bakugan ball, while with the sixth phrase he searches for information about a tournament for kids playing with a Bakugan ball.

Also, we can look at these phrases in this way:

  • Goal: Strengthening the brand – first, second, third, and sixth phrases.
  • Goal: Increase sales — fourth and fifth phrases.

So, the purpose of this research and analysis is to get keywords in line with your online strategy.

When you create the content for your website, use the keywords you have defined as a part of your online strategy and think about these things:

  • the density of the key phrases
  • the distribution of key phrases

SEO Tip #3: Start with your biggest competitors

The first thing that needs to be clear for you before you start thinking about improving your web presence and especially increasing the availability of your web site on search engines is a clear distinction for the following:

You are not fighting against Google. You are fighting against your competition in webspace.

The wrong step in SEO is that you need to fight against Google to be among the first on the search engine results page.

SEO tips - you are not competing with Google

Yes, Google is just doing their job and can become your most significant friend for your business.

Many small businesses start with the assumption that they need to fight with Google to be ranked higher. So they begin to think about how to fool Google, how to increase links to have better rankings etc. But, the goal is not to beat Google. The goal is to beat your competition, and if you play the game wisely, the results will be quickly visible. When I say competitors, I don’t just mean about your real competition, but also I mean about all web pages that don’t have to represent your competition directly, but still on the webspace for the desired keyword is competition. Therefore, any SEO on your website should start with the competition.

SEO Tip #4: Create helpful content for potential customers

Your content marketing strategy as a part of your online strategy is an important thing for your online presence. So, you will need informative, helpful content if you want to beat the competition.

There are several essential things you need to take into consideration before you hit the “Publish” button:

  • Write the content that will be larger, try to use more than 1000 words in each article you will use.
  • Your content will need to have key phrases and synonyms for which you want to rank on search engines.
  • The title of the article to have key phrases and synonyms for which you want to rank on search engines.
  • Use subheadings and more key phrases or synonyms inside them.
  • Use links to your previous articles as internal links and other informative websites as external links.

According to some SEO statistics, “72% of marketers believe that relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic”.

SEO Tip #5: The images will make your content better

As you know, the written words are essential, but pictures are something more compelling that will give added value to your content. When you use images, you need to be sure that the name of the image will have the key phrase you want to rank, and the image alt attributes will use the same key phrases.

SEO tips - Image alt attribute

Be sure that you will use quality images that will additionally bring more information to your potential customers. Pictures will also help your content to become more shareable on social media. So, don’t ignore their importance for your success.

I want to share the last one tip from these SEO tips: having a baseline of knowledge when it comes to SEO is crucial in today’s business world. So, don’t fear about the knowledge and skills when it comes to your SEO efforts. Simply try to experiment and continuously improve the whole process.

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