My Best Advice About Organizational Changes

Organizational changes as something continuous and important part of entrepreneurial life was my subject of interest since 2000.

I’ve conducted several pieces of research in companies from different industries that covered more than a hundred managers from all organizational levels. It’s amazing how changes cause uncertainty and fear between them. On the other hand, there is always resistance to change that makes the whole process more difficult to implement. It is not everything as it was planned.

I want to cover several advices about organizational changes:

  • Always try to timely detect all possible sources of organizational changes. Read more in Analysis: Main Forces Driving Changes and Sources of Organizational Changes.
  • Starting with a business model redesign first to find all possible sources and all possible improvements. Read more in Business Model as an Improvement Tool.
  • Look at previous failures to find more sources. Read more in Improvement – Consequence of Failure.
  • Find all possible sources of resistance and try to eliminate them or eventually to reduce their effects on the process. Read more in Change Reality: How Resistance Impact On Implementation? andFactors that Causes Resistance to Organizational Change.
  • Make a clear plan for implementation with all responsibilities, timelines and expected results.
  • Do not forget to observe the implementation process and always when there is a need of change something changes it.
  • Always try to empower people to create short-term wins that will build momentum and will tell the people that success is visible.
  • Do not forget to celebrate the success of the implementation of the process. However, celebrating can be used also in the middle of the project after successfully finished some of the phases of implementation. In such a way again you can build momentum.
  • Do not forget to measure the results and compare them with the results that were planned to be achieved.

This is not a science fiction it is a process. Simply try to implement this advices, and you can find how much easy can be the process.

Is there something that you will do differently? If yes, do not hesitate to share your thoughts and experience.