Startup Ideas for College Students

Making some money during college years can be quite intimidating and difficult, partly because of the high amount of fellow academics in need of extra cash to pay someone to write my essay online, but also due to the limited amount of time and resources most students have.

Here are a few new business startup ideas to fund your way through college, which can help gain some valuable experience in entrepreneurship.

1. Write essays

If you’re a creative writer, you can advertise your services by word-to-mouth on campus or by creating your own website.
Proceeding with a succinct and informative business slogan, like “Write me an essay” or “Do my essay for me”, will pique the interest of your fellow students in no time.

For some great examples of things to consider, when creating your own website, try to choose such topics as “do my essay for me UK” – it is a clear way to tell your peers exactly what they’ll get for their money and what sort of time frame to expect.

But keep in mind the fact that if you’re an accomplished writer and are getting solid marks for all your work, you might find yourself overcrowded with requests to “write for me”.

As your college might have certain policies about student collaboration, we suggest you do some research about how you can advertise your student business and still comply with campus rules.

2. Proofread and edit

Whilst most students prefer to write they essay themselves instead of using write my essay UK services, the general grasp of grammar is deteriorating amongst today’s students.

If you’re rolling straight A’s from your English class, one of another college business ideas is to provide a Proofing & Editing service for a small fee.
Students could send you their work, you assess the level of correction that is required and then provide them with a cost estimate and an expected timeline for when the essay will be ready to submit. Expect Senior-year students, in particular, to utilize this service, as their essay marks will be most crucial.

3. Perform chores in the community

Another great new business startup idea is to perform chores and other menial tasks.

You’ll be mainly targeting the campus, but don’t exclude the surrounding communities.

Many students will be too busy or uninterested in performing “menial tasks”, like cleaning their room. You can post a flier for cleaning services on the campus noticeboard or even promote your student business online via various types of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, why not even Snapchat).

As most college campuses are located near towns, it’s most likely there’s an elderly/ veteran community nearby. Rest assured that a reliable and efficient cleaning service, delivered with a great smile, will result in recurring business.

startup ideas college students

You can upgrade your offered services by including additional tasks, such as grass cutting, minor household repairs, etc. in your advertised student business solutions.  If you’re still able to take more chores on board, consider approaching families with small children, to assist with their common household tasks. Many parents will welcome some extra help with menial chores, whilst their own kids might be too young to help out.

With a bit of creativity and effort, it’s easy to come up with a multitude of successful college business ideas. You can perform most of these either by yourself or with other students.
All the ideas we’ve listed will not only provide you with some extra funds to cover your tuition and maybe the occasional after the lecture -beverage, you’ll also be helping out your fellow students in their time of academical need and contributing to the local communities.

Whilst these new business startup ideas won’t directly affect your college marks, you’ll gain valuable business experience and leave a positive footprint in the local communities. Who knows, there’s a very likely chance that one of the people you have helped using suggested business ideas for college students, just might hire you once you’ve graduated.

Dragan Sutevski

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