7 Mistakes in Marketing Strategies that Newbies Should Avoid

Marketing skills don’t come easily for everyone. Many beginners in the marking field started off with seemingly unstoppable energy but never attained the threshold of success.  Some took just too big strides with far less energy to last them up the hill. Others sprinted towards the finish line but burned out all too soon. The typical marketing mistakes that beginners make are easily avoidable.

One thing that every marketer should keep in mind is that happy customers are the key to keep winning in this industry. Sadly, many beginners in the marketing world don’t leverage their satisfied customers and push for awareness. Before meeting up with your client make sure you have done your research on who they are. Even better, you can pay for research paper from writing platforms where you pay a professional to work on a research paper highlighting concrete facts and information on all the things you need to know about your client.

With this in mind, here is a roundup of the common marketing mistakes that new marketers commit and how to avoid them:

Thinking Your Product Will Tell it All

Some startups are just too proud to talk crap and achieve a following. They somehow let themselves believe that theirs is a powerful product that will send the whole consumer world rippling with desire. What they tend to overlook is their being in an industry where everyone believes they offer the best but still have to voice it louder. Louder than the rest because everyone is talking. It’s called self-promotion, and there is no shame in doing it as many business founders find it.

Not Minding Other Startups

You’ve just begun off, and you want to claim the royal status while snubbing other newbies in the industry. It’s the affiliate newcomers that will often fuel your growth. Earn their loyalty and reverence and create a community of startups around you. Establish yourself as their leader and help them grow by providing them with basic guides around various hurdles in the industry. Here is where your own growth begins. The more these newbies subscribe to your services the more strength you gather and begin your ascent to glory.

Can’t Wait to Put Up Paywalls

Startups will often rush to place restrictions on their services under a delusion of being too sweet to be ignored. The least your premature gating will do to your business is slow down the rate of product adoption among your potential customers, readability, for instance, had to bring down their paywall before getting the tractions they needed.

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Singing the Same Old Song

Content marketing is a life-giving component of every startup. Only great content will achieve the goal of attracting and retaining a clearly defined audience. Unfortunately, for many marketing newbies, is their lack of skills and key expertise to truly execute compelling content that provides the audience with quality information. Sticking to the old will turn off the interest among your audience. Only fresh content achieved through frequent and consistent publishing will keep the audience interest rekindled and maintain readership. Content marketing mistakes persist even among the elite business community.

Keeping off Social Platforms

Social media is the place to look when seeking a community to engage and get your name out. This is not the perception for most budding marketers who regard social media as merely a waste of time. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be cheap sources of traffic, new opportunities, and ultimately potential customers if approached with a honed strategy. All you need to grow your profile is to engage your subscribers through sharing evergreen content continuously.

Too Shy to Speak

It’s common to shrink at the thought of facing the industry royalty during corporate meetings and conferences and speak your mind. Such are the forums that often present you with prime opportunities to air your views and ultimately gain recognition. Some young founders and CEOs lack the confidence to speak in public, and some will even prefer to skip such events. The least you should do as a startup is showing up at the vent and old peripheral discussions with other beginners in the industry about your companies. This should be the beginning of developing your confidence and establishing networks with other players in the industry.


Marketing, therefore, isn’t just about adopting the conventional strategies without in-depth of their applicability to the particular course of business. Knowing your consumer and other players in the industry is key to establish your position in the industry. Then leverage the tools available to build an audience and network with the rest of the business community to grow. Perfect knowledge of the market should help you develop a clear vision and adopt the best marketing strategy for your business. Evaluate your strategy regularly against your set goals and the underlying results to identify the possible flaws and design appropriate solutions.

Dragan Sutevski

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