Secret to Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Over the years, social media has grown tremendously. It is not only a platform for social interaction but also an opportunity for you to grow your business. Every marketer must use social media for them to interact with clients and expand their business. Through social media platforms, you can gain a target audience and communicate with existing clients.

Direct interaction with clients enables you to form long-lasting relationships with them. Both you and your target audience get a chance to ask each other relevant questions as you repost content regularly. Social media allows people to conduct business online without the need for regular meetings. For you to market your business via social networks, you should use smart strategies so that you can achieve success and take your business to the next level. Here are a few tips that can get you started.

Select the right platform

There are numerous social media sites that you can use to promote and grow your business. The number of sites continues to increase every day. You have to determine the best social media platform that can bring your business success and focus on it. Since the wide range of sites can be confusing, try to narrow down your search by considering your type of business and target customers.

Look at which platform your target audience use and create an account there. You can only find the sites which most of your potential customers visit through research. The products or services you are offering clients can also guide you in choosing a suitable platform. For instance, if your company is about video production, you can pick a platform like YouTube. If you are using a channel like Instagram, you can buy Instagram views for videos or you can get likes on the Instagram app will help your profile grow this will, in turn, help you promote your brand and grow your business.

Come up with a schedule

You can grow your business if you are an organized person. Come up with a program for you to determine when to create posts and share them on your desired social media platform. A proper schedule can prevent you from a last-minute rash which often leads to posting low-quality content. If you don’t plan your posts, you will find yourself repeating the same idea and creating monotony in potential customers.

Social media content calendars can prevent you from such mistakes and help you create useful posts that can help you grow your business. A content calendar also lets you set realistic goals and come up with strategies to help you achieve one of them. As you plan your posts using the calendar, think about aspects such as which hashtags, images or links should accompany each post.

Encourage participation

You should ensure that your social media platform is interactive enough when trying to promote your business. Encourage your followers or viewers to participate in commenting or even liking your posts. Come up with content that is interesting to viewers and includes questions to encourage engagement. Do some homework and learn what your target audience wants. Research can help you meet the needs of your customers easily. Do not forget to comment on other people’s posts. 

Avoid over-promoting

Most business-oriented people over-promote their products and services on social media. Excess advertising can never make your business grow or convert viewers into customers. If anything, it annoys most people who visit your platform and increases the bounce rate. Do not try to promote your brand in each post since this can easily bore your followers.

You need to come up with content that people can enjoy and find a balance between promoting your product and informing or entertaining your followers. Try not to sell your brand too hard since this can get a negative reception. If you come up with one promotional post, let the following six posts be content-based. In the following six posts, you can try to understand your target audience by asking those questions or even sharing articles on current events. You can mention your brand slightly in the posts but don’t over-promote. The point is to keep them interested in your business while giving them enough room to breathe.

Share video

Apart from using captivating words to promote your business, you should also include visual content. This can come in the form of videos that can easily capture the attention of your audience. Videos can help you portray your personality and show your customers how passionate you are about your business.

Including visual content in your posts can help you achieve more viewership compared to the use of words. As potential buyer scrolls through feeds, there is a high chance that they will not miss out on a video you posted.  Apart from viewing, videos are compelling enough to encourage engagement through comments. When you include video content, it gives you the chance to convey your message better than using words. You need to come up with a narrative-driven video for you to get the best reaction from using this strategy.

Address problems fast

If you use the strategies above, you are likely to receive feedback easily from using social media. Not all the feedback, however, will always be positive. Sometimes, a person may have a negative comment about your company. You should watch out for mentions regarding your brand on social channels so that you can spot any negative reactions and handle them before they get out of hand.

Reply to negative comments as you maintain professionalism and apologize if need be. Do not go silent on a negative commenter since this can affect the reputation of your business and make people lose faith in you.

Form a community

Not everybody will be interested in what you have to offer but finding people who do can help you grow your business through social media. Try to build a community so that your clients can engage with one another and help you to promote your business. Get a social media influencer who can help you review your product.

Dragan Sutevski

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