That’s Why When Launching a Startup, You Need to Find a Good Lawyer

good lawyer

Who has never dreamed about having one’s own business and BYOB (be your own boss, just saying)? With the current business trends and loose market boundaries, becoming a self-starter seems to be even easier, especially if we are talking about some startup-friendly countries like the UK, Singapore, and Thailand.

But even though it’s easy to start, in the end, it’s just another business that needs development, HR, and legal maintenance. Let this article be your good lawyer guide for you to see the necessities and benefits of having a law school graduate on your side.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Startup?

Lawyers are new business’ best friends, particularly to the ones managed by the passionate and business-driven rookie. Think of it from this perspective: a knowledgeable attorney, preferably with hands-on experience in the industry, can ease the life of the newborn company in so many ways.

The most important part? An experienced startup lawyer can prevent the worst from showing its ugly head in the court file. Why? Because (s)he won’t let you operate within illegal or too risky boundaries and have all your efforts at stake. And if this is not a pretty convincing argument, scroll it down a bit.

Why, How, and When of Consulting Attorney

The choice of having a law-savvy person on board or creating strong partnership relations with the freelance lawyer depends on many factors: the industry, the goals, the budget. Let’s see a breakdown.

good lawyer why how and when


Apart from keeping the business trouble-free, the lawyers can facilitate in many other procedures. First, they can create the content of working contracts for the people you need to hire. This will regulate the relationships, mark the responsibility, rights, and obligations of each participant, and make it easier to shake hands goodbye in case of need.

The second reason how the law attorney can help is when it comes to writing a legal notice, claim, or even business letter on the legal matter. Even such a trivial thing as starting a blog may require a law essay help from the UK.Edubirdie. And guess who’s going to help you to professionally make it and advise on all important points? Yes, you got it right!

Finally, the lawyer is there to represent your interests and claim justice when it comes to the courts and your relationship with the media. It’s not by chance that in the movies they let the advocates speak instead of the complainant or defendant. The result? You’ll have fewer misunderstandings and more chances to win the case when you let the professional roll up his/her sleeves and do the job.


As we mentioned briefly before, you don’t necessarily need the lawyer to be a part of the team but one should have someone who will take care of the legal side of the business. How can one find the right one?

Depends on what is needed to be done. Ideally, if your business is related to Intellectual Property and Rights, better to ask colleagues for someone with recommendations in this field. His/her services might be pricey but it’s always a bad idea to skimp. Alternatively, one may attend business conferences or check the lawyer directories and job sites to find the best match.

Another piece of advice we’d suggest is to contact a prospective law school pre-graduate student to give law essay help for your blog. For this student, it will be a nice hands-on experience in the industry, and you will keep 2 lawyers for your business needs. Well, just in case one is out of the country for vacation.

good lawyer how


Perhaps, you don’t need an attorney at the stage of business strategy creation but you’ll definitely contact one when co-founders, investors, or business partners step in. Before you welcome somebody as a partner, consult the lawyer about what conditions can be mutually beneficial. The equity distribution is a big issue here because the gains and risks are on the table, and you don’t want somebody to bite a slice of your pie after a while.

As a startup is a tremendously popular business adventure everywhere, it got the attention of the stock markets. Meaning: one should have a stock option plan for the activity and shares. And guess who can do it for you? Right, the lawyer who specializes in it, so you better have somebody in mind if you want to move it to Wall Street.

Another “it’s time” phase is when you need somebody to take care of the blog for your website to share the tips, traps, and pitfalls, or even business cases to advertise the services. Any law school third-year student would gladly accept a law essay writing opportunity as it’s something they could add to their resume. Who knows, maybe they are good enough to be real advisors?

Regardless of the industry, you build the business in, the question of having the lawyer or not should be out of the agenda as the answer is an obvious yes. What one can question is why,  how,  and when to start this collaboration. Whether you need someone to lead the case in the court, form the equity agreements, or law essay help the UK, having the highly-skilled and motivated professionals means to do it right.