How to Find the Best Plan for Business Mobile Phones

Overpaying for your mobile business line – no good. But even worse is not having a plan that fits your needs.

Instead of getting stuck in a contract with a company that is slacking, make sure to do your due diligence on plans for business mobile phones.

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Dropped calls. Not enough service. Inability to call other countries.

That’s not going to work.

Make Sure You’re Ready for Mobile

Before you start working on formulating your mobile plan, you should assess whether your company is even ready for mobile or if you need to stick to the landline.

If your employees don’t even know how to sync contacts, you might have a little pushback from the team. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to find enough flip phones to service the whole company if you have people that don’t want to use smartphones.

Research Your Calling Habits

Before you start choosing a plan, research your calling habits. Get copies of the last phone bills from your company. See what the maximums were for usage in the last few months.

Are a lot of your calls local? Do you ever call nationally or internationally?

Knowing these things will help you answer questions when you’re talking to the cell phone provider’s sales rep.

Make sure you look at more than one month’s bill. You may have had an unreasonably high volume of overseas calls due to a certain business deal and will no longer be doing overseas calls.

You should ensure you aren’t paying for services you don’t need.

If you don’t want your employees texting or using data then don’t have it on the work mobile phone.

Read Reviews About Various Cell Phone Services

Besides the features of the service, you’re looking at using, you also need to make sure current customers are getting the service they expected to get.

Almost all mobile providers require that you go under contract. Most contracts are around two years. You do not want to be in contract with an under-delivering provider.

Don’t take everything at face value and try to see if you have friends that have experience with these companies.

Ask about all the important points for your company such as reliability. If there are other parts of your plan that you aren’t sure about you can ask the sales rep to walk you through the various aspects of it.

Don’t get confused by the technical jargon and ask for clarification if they say something that you aren’t sure what it means.

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