Promote Your Business with Low-Cost Offline Marketing

offline marketing tips

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and marketing is following suit. Banner ads, SEO, social media – they often become the focus of businesses seeking to broaden their reach. They are, of course, very effective – but there are a number of offline marketing tools that are both affordable and highly effective, that all businesses should be capitalizing on.

Simply spend a few minutes browsing a specialist printing website, such as Helloprint UK, and you’ll see the scope of options available to you. Companies like Helloprint can provide custom branded merchandise, printed and delivered in bulk, for very affordable rates. So what are some of the most effective tools you should be using?

Flyers & leaflets

If you’re looking to appeal to a broad market, you can’t get better results for less necessary upfront investment than flyers and leaflets. With a direct, concise message you can reach out to a large number of potential customers in your local area. An afternoon spent leafleting costs nothing but a few hours but can put your business forefront in the attention of more people than many other forms of marketing. Flyers will never stop being an essential tool in any thrifty entrepreneur’s marketing arsenal.

Custom envelopes

Getting custom printed envelopes can have a surprisingly powerful effect. Direct mail drives are still a very effective tool for delivering a tangible marketing message to a large group of potential customers – and there’s no better way to deliver that mail than in an envelope carrying your branding. They’re also versatile in as much as you can have them printed for specific purposes, such as marketing or B2B correspondence, which makes them an affordable tool for making your daily operations more efficient.

Corporate gifts

If building a positive image of your brand is at the forefront of your mind, corporate gifts should always be a top consideration. The only thing better than getting a gift is getting a practical gift – one you can really use. Flash drives, hats, clothing, mugs, bags, all offer your recipient’s genuine usability. Even the humble pen, one of the most affordable branded corporate gifts, can work wonders. Remember that people will actually use useful gifts, which in turn will put your brand in front of more eyes.

Business cards

Business cards are still one of the most effective ways of promoting a business. Networking is always important, and a business card will allow you to always make an impression with a new contact. A business card is so lightweight that you can always carry some with you, so you’re never left without one. Business cards are also ideal for use at trade shows and local events and can be placed into packages when you make a sale to help spread your brand identity. Buy in bulk, and give them generously.

The world is only going to get more digital-dependent, but these tried and tested offline marketing tools are still affordable, practical, and reliable.