Should We All Follow the Examples?

Life is tough, and sometimes it might be pretty hard to make the right decision when facing certain difficulties on your way. Luckily, you are not the first and you are the last one dealing with such problems. Probably there are many examples.

Whether you like it or not, whichever problem you face, it is likely that someone has already been there, and this someone might be able to share the experience with you. You can always talk to your friends, parents, or read some book or essay regarding a problem you are currently dealing with. Whatever you do, you are free to be either someone who follows the rules or the one to play it your own way, it is your choice only. Just remember that the answers to your questions might already be there, hidden in plain sight.


People tend to make mistakes, that is for sure, and most of us make mistakes quite often. Even the greatest minds can go astray when facing great challenges. George Orwell, one of Britain’s greatest writers, struggled to become a writer for quite some time, and this struggle led him to poverty and humiliations. Orwell is an example of great determination in the face of multiple failures. He made mistakes, he suffered, but he did not give us. From some minor and often futile essay writing to his greatest works, Orwell kept up with his strong willpower and determination, which is quite inspiring.

Whichever activity you are embarking upon, there is at least a single rule to follow in each. Most people follow the rules, and this makes up for the organized and properly functioning society. People follow the examples of their parents, they obey the authorities like their bosses and the government, and they certainly follow the rules. So what’s the deal with breaking the rules? Why do people even try to do something new and come up with new ways of solving old problems?

The fact of the matter is that breaking the rules if it does not involve hurting other people, is not a bad thing. You should not always follow a specific sample in everything you do. Some of the greatest inventions were made because somewhere, someone decided not to play by the rules. That is why you might not always want to do everything by the book. Of course, you have to know where it is right to take a risk and try something new, but if you see the opportunity to do your work the other way and not harm anyone in the process, you are more than welcome to do so. Mankind progresses only because there are people who go beyond what is considered normal, and sometimes this leads to some of the greatest inventions of mankind.

Getting back to Mr. George, it is safe to say that he was one of those who refused to play by the rules. More so, he encouraged disobedience and insurgency against the repressive rule of the do-by-the-book government in his great novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Getting into the core of the problem here, we have reviewed countless Nineteen Eighty-Four essay examples, and most of them agree that Orwell advocated for the freedom of choice and execution of an individual’s right to free thinking. As Orwell tells us, we are free to think for ourselves, and even if our free-thinking leads to some unfortunate consequences, it is still worth it.

Most people treasure their freedom more than they do their very lives, and that is why you have to enjoy your freedom to a full extent. Of course, there exists a social contract that enforces certain rules upon you and does not let you be completely free, but still, you are a free person who can think, speak, and act in whichever way you please. That is why you have to make choices that suit you best.

You are completely free to make your own mistakes, but it is not always necessary. As said earlier, you can always use the example of those people who already faced similar problems. There is no shame in asking for advice, so if you have someone you consider more experienced than yourself, just ask them to share their experience. Just make sure you ask a person who really cares for you. Unfortunately, life is full of people who will smile watching you making mistakes, and there are only a few who’d really care to prevent you from making these mistakes. So if you want to hear someone’s advice, just make sure these are the right people.

Sometimes, however, it might be better not to ask for help and try yourself. There are situations that challenge you to be creative, to think ahead, and to plan your moves so that you get the most benefits out of them. In such cases, you have to let go of your prejudices and look at the situation as if it was a blank page you can write your own story on. Play around with what you have, experiment a bit, and try not to make a mistake. Here, you are the one playing the game and setting your own rules, so go for it and build up your own experience you will be able to share with those coming there after you.

Dragan Sutevski

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